– Problem solved –

Good news, With the help of Riana Starspaw i have found a good workaround for the joint offset problem. Instead of mesh joint offsets, im going to use an animation that changes the joint position, this method is a lot more reliable then mesh joint offsets and isnt destructive to your shape, you can adjust and change your shapes and change avatars all you want and nothing breaks.

so yeah all thats left to do now is the scripting and fixing some bugs with the rigging of the clothes, heres a random wip picture to teas you more.



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30 Responses to – Problem solved –

  1. karakurichan says:

    She is lookin soooo good! I am very excite!♥

  2. Leafy says:

    I can’t wait, it looks so adorable.

  3. Fuck You says:

    Fucking disturbing looking. IT’S NOT ADORABLE.

    • koinukasuka says:

      Hey there “Fuck You” as your name states fuck you lol xD

      It is cute, just because you hate furries or animals or both doesn’t mean something you find repulsive is actually repulsive.

      Tag! no tag backs lol

      • Aoi says:

        I honestly agree with “fuck you” I’d get it for the body so I can mod it…but that head/face is just…weird looking to me 8I I wont be using it

    • Venompapa says:

      Oh… so far i thought its adorable….. *takes a look at the pictures again* wait… i still think its adorable! Really, if you don’t like just leave then, or explain widely why you dont like it if you want and in a normal manner, i don’t think any of the people cares about your opinion this way. Have a nice day :3

    • Paws Wild says:

      hmmm.. I love these type of idiots, like “Fuck you”. So.. I see to you learned write… this is a sad thing as I see. Next time, please if you like write down you disagree, than write down, to why you dont like it. This maybe help the creator too.

      For Example:
      I think the face is cute, the body too, but i think this avatar need a lil better legs, like bigger foots, and a lil better digi legs too… so maybe under the knees this cute avatar will need a lil mod.

      Meow :3

    • Anitya says:

      you know, i had to just shake my head …

      the weird looking face? well lets see, its a work in progress image. If there’s anything I’ve learned about creating good looking avatars is you just can’t really judge anything about an avatar’s look without eyes and hair!

  4. Vanilla says:

    Freaking love this avi Uti ^^ I’m super duper excited~ Please release it soon!

  5. Ink Blot says:

    To each their own. I know i’ll be using it both ways. as a fur and for the body. n.n

  6. Terra says:

    Looks cute! I can’t wait to buy it :D

  7. Rei says:

    awwww please release this week(*>.<*)
    i cant wait to mod my Ranny on this av!

  8. Craig says:

    Any chance it’s going to have the option for different breast sizes like the 2.0 has?

  9. nicholashylands says:

    I think it’s perfect :O
    any chance of releasing the upper portion of the body as a mesh file so that we can make breast-sized?
    Or perhaps it uses fitted mesh so we can already change the breast sizes…

    • trust me you dont want to change boob size using fitted mesh xD unless you like to have 2 blobs on your chest

      • Ink Blot says:

        Its true! i own a pair worst buy ever!

      • nicholashylands says:

        Alright, so would releasing the front portion of the chest so that we can make our own breast sizes be doable? I am kind of biased towards no breasts at all, but it would be useful to be able to do that. Really liking the shape of the av btw ;o

      • kai024 says:

        After reading this post, I thought the problem that was solved was that the avi was going to be made fitted. This reply made me doubt it, however. So, can anyone clarify whether the avi will be made fitted mesh or not?

        I’m also disappointed about not getting different sized breasts. I was really looking forward to that. I own a pair of fitted mesh breasts and I love them. They’re not perfect (they’re placed too low on the collarbones for my small linden avi), but they resize pretty decently.

        I was thinking that maybe we were going to get different breast meshes, like with the avi 2.0, on top of them being fitted, that way they can look smoother whatever size you’re going for. I’m so tired of seeing stiff frozen breasts on sl.

        Anyways, looking forward to some clarification. Thank you.

      • this avatar wont be fitted mesh

      • nicholashylands says:

        any particular reason?
        It would probably bring in a lot more customers to just have a fitted mesh version for them to mess with

      • i already have plenty on my hands having to make 4-5 different versions of every clothing piece i make, i dont wanna have additional 3 things, at that rate it would take me ages to finish anything and im already too slow

      • nicholashylands says:

        Alright. Would you consider it after? Or perhaps have a test version? I’m just thinking it would be very useful for those of us that have fitted mesh clothes, or who want to use other types of clothing with the avatar.

      • and what prevents you from using this clothing on it anyway? it would be even better if the awatar wasnt fitted mesh becuase you could adjust the clothing to fit the avatar’s shape, and not the other way around

      • nicholashylands says:

        I like to walk around naked or topless, or showing a lot of avatar skin. Could easily cover the chest, but it would be nice to have a little bit more unique avatar shape by being able to resize different parts rather than just the overall fatness height and width of the avatar~

      • kai024 says:

        It’s true, a mesh avi that is fitted in all the right places could really make customers even more excited for it. Add on top of that a set of different sized breasts, as well as a non-fitted version of everything, that way people can use whatever suits their needs at the time.

        The thing is that no matter how much you change the textures, colors and patterns of an avi, if it has the same silhouette, everyone is simply gonna look the same. The 2.0 is a perfect example of that, sadly. Besides, you can wear physics layers to a fitted object. And even though most people abuse of those, physics are still awesome.

        Having that said, I understand that it is just a lot of work for one person alone, and the lazy asses that work at LL don’t even bother to make anything right, so that doesn’t help either. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way.

  10. XC says:

    Hey Ulti, will the template be similar to that of the AV 2.0 and M3 head?

  11. karakurichan says:

    Is she almost ready? It’s worse then waiting for christmass!

  12. I’m really hyped about this avatar! If there’s no breast sizes, will there be a fully-flat male-type chest? Or is it female only?

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