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so like a few weeks ago i picked up the new wacom Intous tablet for dirt cheep, my friend was asking me what tablet should she get and she linked me a few one sand this one was only 70 euros and i couldnt resist not getting it, it looked really nice too and the main motivation for me to get it was that my old tablet is like about 10 years old already and it just looks just old and tired.

This Graphire 4 XL was my very first wacom tablet and the very best tablet i have ever had.


This tablet has went through a lot of usage, i have changes 2 pens and did a black makeover to fit in more with the rest of my devices, since black computes/keyboards and monitors were starting to become cool new trend, replacing the crappy cheep looking silver computers, that replaced the (good old white computers)




I was using it till this day and i have very fond memories of it and it does kinda make me sad having to put it away and replace it with the new one, but honestly it was long overdue, it looks like a stinky hobo tablet by now xD. And its not just overdue from a visual aesthetics stand point, but also its just big, thick and bulky and really cumbersome to bring it somewhere, or just putting it on the table and having to move the keyboard aside for it to fit.

hobo tablet



Allright so, lets get on with the review.

As expected from wacom, the packaging design is really nice, and the design of the tablet itself is really awesome too, it has this modern simplicity to it and this is what i like a lot about wacom products, that simplicity and being straight to the point. Also the blue fabric pen holder is such a nice touch.



Now heres the thing i didnt like about it right away, the surface. It has this weird rough grainy surface that is kinda unpleasant to draw on, it gives me the same kind of nasty feeling as that sound does when someone dragging his nails across a chalkboard. I guess i kinda see where they were going with this, i bet they wanted to give you that feel as if you are drawing on paper but, it didnt really work cuz plastic isnt paper, and drawing on such rough surface is probably as good of an idea as grinding the pen tip against sand paper. Not only would the tip wear off in no time, the tablet surface itself wont look too good after a while. It doesnt feel too nice to your hand either when you have contact with that kind of surface.

I fixed it by applying a thin transparent layer of plastic over the surface to make it smooth like my old tablet.


Moving on, the tablet has 4 buttons(gotta figure out what to do with the 2 extra buttons this gives me), but no scroller, ut i kinda dont really mind it since i never actually managed to get used to using the scroller on my old tablet anyway. Theres also an optional wireless module that you need to buy secretly, now this would be all cool but the damn thing literally costs more than the tablet itself xD, like what the actual fuck. Now for me there isnt much use to the wireless module, constantly having to charge the battery would just ad unnecessary hassle to it and it would still be hooked up on a cable, but i can see how its a cool idea for someone who needs to use his tablet on the go, since the tablet itself is very light, thin and compact, perfect for carrying in your laptop case.

One odd disappointment is that the other end of the pen doesnt erase like it does on all the other wacom tablets. (edit: the pen that comes with my particular version doesnt have the eraser capability)

Now as for the whole overall quality of the built, visually it looks nice, it doesnt look cheep, all the lines are solid. But holing it in your hands, it doesnt feel like it will last more than a year or two, it feels like it might come apart. Now my old tablet on the other hand, that motherfuker is built to last, its very solid and sturdy and it would probably last me another 10 years or more, they just made it too long lasting than it really needed to be, and now its like a dinosaur way out of its era.

Anyway, despite my personal issues with it, This tablet is definitely worth its price, and if you are a beginner and dont know what tablet you should get, look no further.

Now i just need to get used to the different active area dimensions, my hand still thinks its drawing on the old one and i tend to offshoot lines and stuff.



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4 Responses to – Wacom Intous CTL review –

  1. dexman115 says:

    Thanks Uti I know what im getting now.

  2. Mayumi says:

    You should put the old one on a plaque to remember and celebrate all the good times

  3. Asriel Moonlight says:

    wow nice review i think i buy this one too^^

  4. reistuff says:

    xD the things you’ve put on your old tablet :’)

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