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As you all may have noticed by now, there has been a new trend going on the internet, that like all the other shit that breaks web site usability, most likely originated from the the pants on head retarded “web 2.0” scene(web 2.0 deserves a whole separate blog post by itself). It’s infinite scrolling, an idea that i can understand why it would look cool on paper, but in reality, it hasnt been thought through completely and just doesnt fucking work.

Positioning problem and hidden web site navigation and other elements.

Web pages that use infinite scrolling are particularly annoying to browse, it never says how many items there are and how many you have scrolled through already, its impossible to jump pages or skip to the middle or end or know how close to the end you even are. a lot of sites implement it in a really stupid way too, not having a side bar for navigation or any options regarding the scrolling itself. Not To mention that the scroll bar itself is made useless.

Crippling performance issues and limited access to website contents

Perhaps the biggest problem is, apart from effectively cutting you off from most of the website’s content, it doesn’t work on a technological level. The more you scroll down, the more items get loaded into the memory allocated to your web browser, and none of it unloads unless you close the tab, effectively turning it into a massive memory leek. The more items you load, the more your your web browser starts to crawl and choke on it till crashes. I do not understand why such an important detail as unloading is being overlooked like that, its impossible to browse the entire content because you will just crash and will never reach the end. I have a top of the line PC and even it cant handle this shit, i can only imagine how people’s browsing experience on older computers must be. And if your browser crashes, you have to scroll through all that shit over again to get back to where you crashed, because people seem to be too retarded to use the URL by adding parameters like ids and classes to it, to make it possible for people to go back to where they last were.

Websites that do get it right

Some websites arent as annoying and have a load next 50 items or whatever button but it still doesnt make it any less of a problem. Now there are websites that arent ran by complete morons and do it right, like the sankaku complex image archive thing, it uses infinite scrolling but it also tells you how many pages there are, you have the left side navigation at all time AND you even have the option to how you wanna browse, you can choose the old numbered page navigation instead, why cant anyone else have enough brain to do that on their sites?


Whoever thought of this infinite scroll idea, deserves to be shot in the dick with an air riffle every time someone crashes or just in general has to go through the inconveniences of infinite scroll. This cancer has spread out so wide already, that even websites like wordpress, flickr, youtube, image search engines, deviant art and so on have implement this shit. My blog has it too and i have no idea where the option to turn it off is, although its not that bad since you have navigation by date on the right side of the page.


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  1. Ended life says:

    I feel this is a good post as resently I have take up tumbr as a way of commicnations with sl sellers and to see there resent work but as I would show,with my computer, it has done some major damage towards my system. I am currently unable to work my computer and perhaps the second worse item is that is no longer functions. So from my knowledge it horrible idea to load this much data as once.

  2. reistuff says:

    Glad i’m not the only one who noticed the flaw with this design. I hate dragging the scrollbar to the ‘bottom’ of the page, only to have more page load, and so cuz i’m physically dragging the scrollbar with my mouse it then jumps down further, sometimes infinitely cuz it’ll just keep loading and grr…

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