– Kemono avatar Q and A –

Okay so i have been getting a lot of questions from people that just cant keep their pants on, when is it coming out? how much will it cost? and so on, so im going to address the most popular questions here and paste this link every time im asked the same thing for the 93529857th time again.

When is it coming out?

Man, I probably hate this question the most. I have no idea and i cant give any rough estimations, but i can give you this bit of info and you can make your own estimations.
The body and its HUD are done being scripted(well sort off, the solution to the joint offset problem wasn’t implemented yet) the head and its HUD are now being worked on, this will probably be the most complicated part of it, after that its just going to be some minor stuff and it will be done.

You see the thing is, to us SL content creators, this is more like a hobby than a job, we do not have to wake up every morning and work for 8 hours for 5 days a week. We can wake up whenever we want and choose not to work if we dont feel like it and go play videogames or watch tv. We can take a day or a week off whenever we want, we can also be unexpectedly interrupted by phone calls from friends that wanna drag you out to a party or some shit. The only deadlines we have are ones that are set by ourselves as a form of a personal challenge(and we even fail to meet those). All this makes it borderline impossible to predict anything.

How much will it cost?

Not sure about this one either, my guess it will not be less than 800L and not more than 1000L.

Now some say its a bit too expensive, but you have to take into consideration that just the m3 head alone costs 500L, than there’s also the body and HUD that could probably go up to 500L on their own too since they are a lot more advanced than the Avatar 2.0 currently is and a lot more work has been put into it, and than there’s also all that other crap that comes with it. And now compare all this with something like the Viss that comes naked, doesnt do anything and costs 2000L.

Will this be a fitted mesh thing?

No, because of the god awful implementation of it by LL, This topic is a whole new can of worms in itself that im going to open up in another post.

If i ever do get around making this fitted mesh, the only parts of the body im going to rig for fitted mesh it will be the ass and legs.

Will it have different size boobs like the Avatar 2.0?

I have planty of shit on my hands as is, having to make 6 version of the same clothing item is no joy, and its the reason why clothing creation is going so slow for the Avatar 2.0. Having different boob sizes on this avatar too would double that load.

Well than why dont you rig the boobs for fitted mesh so we could adjust the size ourselfs?

Do you really want this?


Or are you expecting fitted mesh to do some sort of magic?

Will there be a male version?


For the same reason stated above in the boob size question.

Will the Avatar 2.0 clothes work with it?

No but i will be making both Avatar 2.0 and Kemono versions of all future clothes as well as porting existing Avatar 2.0 clothes to Kemono.

Will all the current M3 and Avatar 2.0 mods work with this avatar?

The head will work with eyes, eyelashes, blush and tears that are made for the original M3 head, Skin textures and eyebrows will not work.
Nothing made for the Avatar 2.0 will work with this avatar.

Are the UV maps similar to M3 and Avatar 2.0?



Will it support asymmetrical textures like the M3 head?



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28 Responses to – Kemono avatar Q and A –

  1. Yuki says:

    no flat and small chest then ? pity :(

    • Rei says:

      :O the boobs looks small enough in “Wip pics of the furry avatar thing” XDDD
      it looks fine to me =w=

      • yuki says:

        I tought that he mean no more boobs size like standard size of avatar 2.0, j hope that boob size of kemono is the dize dhown in pics infact, confusion becsuse he told begore that new shape was update of avatar 2.0.

  2. Im a bit sad about no male version, but I understand you have a big workload.

    • J says:

      I’m crushed there won’t be a flat chest version. I was so excited for this for the longest time and was ready to shell out even 2k for it…

    • tacgnol06 says:

      He pretty much said he has the opposite of a big workload. :b See my other post.

  3. karakurichan says:

    Mmm.. Dem lumpy polygons♥

  4. Rei says:

    Understood, おつかれさまでした~
    play game is not a pressure, enjoy it ‘v’)
    no push anymore ‘v’) we all understand the problem, nvm :D
    keep looking forward to KEMONO, and wait the day it born ( uvu)

    • tacgnol06 says:

      Your sympathy is misguided. I mean, his reasons are what they are, and I’m not judging, as I’d do the same in his situation, but let me give my own interpretation of that third paragraph:

      Utilizator makes a enough money off of his current merchandise that there is no pressing need to push out the Kemomo avatar. He works on it when he’s not doing other leisure activities, as he has no need to work a day job.

      Utilizator is no starving artist, not at this point anyway. But do correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Masato Anabuki says:

        What he’s actually trying to say is that this is a hobby. He has a real job or school outside of this.

      • Rei says:

        =口=?! what? sorry to make you misunderstood because my English not very good =.=a

      • Rei says:

        i just want to say,
        we all understand Uti is no need to rush for release the KEMONO, because SL is a game for enjoy, there are no pressure, Uti has his own life , making stuff in SL is his hobby
        something like this =.=

        ok i need to study English more in the future then ‘0’)

  5. Motoko Henusaki says:

    > https://utilizator404.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/likethis.jpg?w=630

    You could make a version for people who like weird floaty implant boobies. Look at this way — it’s more income! Remember: the customer is always right! [/happy troll post]

  6. kai024 says:

    Considering the fact that this is a furry avi, I think that the best choice would have been to go for a completely flat chested version of it for release, and include breasts later on once everything in the store had been updated. Furries can still pass as males even with very feminine bodies, but even the the slightest amount of breasts will ruin that completely. And people who like breasts can either go for smaller implants or simply wear female rigged mesh clothing with the avi – those already come with breasts. Of course, either way it’s going to be limiting.

    I have a friend who is a girl, but planned on using the avi as a boy. She was very disappointed when she found out it wasn’t gonna be fitted or even include different breast sizes. Me, on the other hand, I love that specific size of breasts, but I know I would have loved some fitted version of the breast in a larger size to wear with physics just for fun. Obviously, smaller meshes look odd when resized that way, but different breast size meshes could also be included on top of being fitted to achieve a smoother look. Maybe some day when there is not too much to update.

    • J says:

      I completely agree with this person.

    • Yuki says:

      I like the chest size of last pics of Kemono avi, perfect for asian young human looking ( off course the avi will have human foots, I think ).

      • kai024 says:

        Like the breasts shown in that picture? Yes, I love them too. They’re perfect for me; but everyone is not me, and that already makes it very limiting. It reduces the number of customers by a large portion.

        That size would be considered “flat chested” when speaking of a female, but not when speaking of a male. A male with those breasts would simply look not very male.

        I see people speaking of the avi been updated, although I haven’t heard anything from the creator himself, so I’ll just discard it as misunderstanding. I just hope that if the avi ever gets “updated” before release, that the breasts remain untouched, unless it’s to make them completely flat.

  7. Venompapa says:

    “Or are you expecting fitted mesh to do some sort of magic?”

    Yeah…. the worse thing you cant even see how its will work, and need fiddle around with the rigging endlessly… well almost, rigging up a normal sized breasts for fitted mesh is can gone good but dont except flat chest from it (you get flat breasts instead….. literally XD). also this applies everything if rigging to the volume bones, only gonna work well in certain slider range.
    (i wish if we could use shape keys for these things :S)

    “If i ever do get around making this fitted mesh, the only parts of the body im going to rig for fitted mesh it will be the ass and legs.”

    That one is already useful, and with Avastar you can swap the classic rigging into fitted mesh (or just rename the existing weight groups i think), thats already work, maybe only need adjust a little around the butt for the sliders on the extra bone but otherwise work well enough.

  8. XC says:

    Like my mudder always told me: judge when the time arrives. I’ll most likely buy the av and then see what i like better

  9. Fuck You says:

    28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds.

  10. Tenchu says:

    Almost two weeks now, any news?

  11. I’m really sad there will be no male version, especially since the thing is so flat chested anyways that moving the nipples and toning it down ever so slightly would do the trick for anyone wanting to wear an androgynous/male version. I do see that there is a pg version in the HUD, so perhaps that and a little texturing will help. Maybe. I will be buying it and trying to make it work; if I can’t, the head is still really useful.

  12. Saving my lindens for something better. says:

    No male. How hard is it to smooth out the chest and crotch? This guy blows.

  13. cageddoll says:

    I think the kemono makes a nice femboy as it is. I just wish someone came out with boy bits that would fit and work with the applicator.

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