– Simple texture applier –

Okay so this is kinda like a few years late but anyway, since a lot of people dont know scripting and dont know anyone else who could script for them, i have made this simple texture applier script that texture modders can use to sell their texture mods without having to give out full perm textures.


Edit: WordPress fuck up the script so i have pasted it here instead. http://pastebin.com/Rn1WNKKY

Paste your UIIDs in between the ” ” where it says UIID goes here. If you have more than one face you need to apply textures to, duplicate the “integer” and “llSetTexture” lines and change the numbers to 2,3,4 and so on. You can set different textures to different faces by pasting different UIIDs, like for example if you are making a Rikugou mod. Set your scripts to no transfer and no mod when you are done adding your UIIDs, to use this applier, you will need to rez the clothing or whatever item on the ground, drop the applier inside it and click it to apply, delete the script from the item contents when you are done and take the item back to your inventory.

Thats all.

– Fur texture tutorial…. sorta –

Some time ago, someone requested me to make a fur pattern tutorial, i kept thinning about it but i couldn’t come up with much of a tutorial since the brush im using pretty much does it all for me.

So yeah heres the set of brushes im using for GIMP, you can download it here http://coyotemange.deviantart.com/art/Fur-Brush-Pack-211549772



So yeah, now for the tutorial part, what you need to do is set a dynamic brush size based on pressure and do some alteration between the few different brush brushes as you go so that it all wouldnt look like a mass of copypasta. Some smaller detail is impossible to do with the large brushes, so the fine hair brushes can be used on those parts. Finally, study pictures of animals to see what the kinds of fur thicknesses they have in different body areas, as well as fur colors.



– Kemono Dummy –

K done.


This is the Kemono content development mesh dummy.

Theres 2 version sincluded, Avastar and normal. The Avastar version is only for those of you who have the Avastar tool for blender, otherwise use the normal version to rig your stuff.

What you can do with it:

You can use it as a shape guide if you wanna make clothing for The kemono avatar.
You can use it as a rigging tool along with the bone weight copy script, by copying its weights onto your mesh clothing or other items.
You can use it as a learning tool to learn rigging and experiment on it, especially following my tutorials and stuff.

What you cant do with it:

You aren’t allowed to sell this model, if you want to use parts of the model to create your own things for comertial purposes, contact me and explain to me what exactly you are going to do and the extent of your own work you are going to put into it.


things to know:

This dummy is just a rough representation of the Kemono avatar’s shape so it is borderline impossible to create skintight clothing that doesnt clip using this dummy.
When uplaoding your rigged creations, do not import the kemono skeleton joint posittions, the kemono avatar doesnt need that and it will just break things for you.
Using its skeleton for your own avatar isn’t recommended because it has custom joint positions that do not match the default SL avatar’s joint posittions.

If you are going to redistribute it or use it in your own tutorials, be sure to credit me.

Head over to the downloads page to get it.


– ABC aparel –

Everything is finished and today ABC has opened her Kemono clothing store at AMH, she already has 6 clothing items on sale and has plans for many more things, come check it out.


ABC apparel on the marketplace.

Now that this is done, i can get to work on that Dummy.blend, if all goes right, it should be out during the weekend or beginning of the next week.

– Kemono News update –

Okay so heres some Kemono news.

Me and my partner oOABCOo were working in collaboration on creating some clothing for Kemono, i have taught her everything she needs to know and she will now be taking over the Kemono part of clothing. I will still however be porting some of the old Avatar 2.0 clothing as well the new Avatar 2.0 clothing im going to make in the future alongside oOABCOo, so Kemono will get double the content.

So heres a little preview of what we have been up to.

halftop ttop3 swimsuit skirtshirt

Now for the rest of you who also want to create content for the Kemono avatar, the dummy.blend should be out this week (or next week cuz its still sunday) if everything goes like i have planned it

Finally, i have been asked for the original Kemono skin textures so many times that it got annoying to look for them in that mess of an inventory every time, so i just threw them all into a rar file and added it to the downloads page.

Okay so, thats that, IF! all goes like i planned it, all the new stuff from oOABCOo and the dummy.blend will come out this week.

– Rikugou customization contest winners anouncement event 2013 –

I finally got around making that video, its like half a year too late but here it is.

– looking back at 2013 part 2 –

Ok, this is done, now all thats left to do is to make the rikugou event video, enjoy.


– Kemono is now the number 2 best selling marketplace item –


Yesterday it was in the third place, today second, could it possibly take the first place :O? Meanwhile AMH is a Kemonotown xD, i have created a monster, and its loose.

– Kemono mods –

I was like, going to make one of those mod features like i did for Rikugou, Avatar 2.0, and M3, but holy shit, this thing just exploded in these few days The Kemono has been out. Theres just too many awesome mods for me to list, go to the markeplace and check them all out.


This all gives me more incentive to make that dummy.blend file faster.



– M3 Retro Loader –


K, thats done.

This thing will let you load old M3 texture mod from those red paint buckets onto the new M3 Kemono head. It ca be found inside the bonus item box, rez or wear your update cards and be patient.

How to use it:

1. Wear the Retro Loader HUD
2. Rez the mod bucket on the ground and make sure you are standing close to it.
3. Click the bucket and choose what you want to load all.
4. On the retro loader HUD you will see a checkbox light up of the items that got loaded. Additionally, eye textures will be shown in the preview window. To remove an item you dont want to load onto the head, click on it’s e checkbox.
5. When done, click the LOAD button under the eye preview window to load all the textures onto your head. If something failed to load due to lag, repeat the process for that particular thing again until it loads.

If you are a mod creator and people nag you about your mods not working on the kemono, just tell them to update their avatars and look in the bonus item box for this HUD.

– Another kemono update D: –

Okay so there was another bug in the avatar that occasionally broke peoples shoulders after teleporting to a new sim. I have no idea if this update fixes anything because on your own screen you might still look fine when it happens, so i will need to gather some people and make a study group and have them observe if this ever happens again with the updated body.


On the other news, the Kemono hair can now be bought separately for those who dont wanna buy the whole avatar just to get the hair.