– M3 Retro Loader –


K, thats done.

This thing will let you load old M3 texture mod from those red paint buckets onto the new M3 Kemono head. It ca be found inside the bonus item box, rez or wear your update cards and be patient.

How to use it:

1. Wear the Retro Loader HUD
2. Rez the mod bucket on the ground and make sure you are standing close to it.
3. Click the bucket and choose what you want to load all.
4. On the retro loader HUD you will see a checkbox light up of the items that got loaded. Additionally, eye textures will be shown in the preview window. To remove an item you dont want to load onto the head, click on it’s e checkbox.
5. When done, click the LOAD button under the eye preview window to load all the textures onto your head. If something failed to load due to lag, repeat the process for that particular thing again until it loads.

If you are a mod creator and people nag you about your mods not working on the kemono, just tell them to update their avatars and look in the bonus item box for this HUD.


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