– Kemono News update –

Okay so heres some Kemono news.

Me and my partner oOABCOo were working in collaboration on creating some clothing for Kemono, i have taught her everything she needs to know and she will now be taking over the Kemono part of clothing. I will still however be porting some of the old Avatar 2.0 clothing as well the new Avatar 2.0 clothing im going to make in the future alongside oOABCOo, so Kemono will get double the content.

So heres a little preview of what we have been up to.

halftop ttop3 swimsuit skirtshirt

Now for the rest of you who also want to create content for the Kemono avatar, the dummy.blend should be out this week (or next week cuz its still sunday) if everything goes like i have planned it

Finally, i have been asked for the original Kemono skin textures so many times that it got annoying to look for them in that mess of an inventory every time, so i just threw them all into a rar file and added it to the downloads page.

Okay so, thats that, IF! all goes like i planned it, all the new stuff from oOABCOo and the dummy.blend will come out this week.


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13 Responses to – Kemono News update –

  1. chiro says:

    riana would be better for that job but ohwell, your choice xD

  2. Yuki says:

    I love the school swimsuit :)

  3. Fei says:

    The av2.0 cloth will end up having a kemono version or it’s not planed :o?

  4. That swimsuit is so cute! Also me and my friends have been wondering, is there a built in way to quickly change kemono’s eyelash colors? Couldn’t find a command in the notecard..

  5. Melyssa says:

    I got the avatar a couple of days ago and I am so in love with it! <3 Can't wait for more clothes to be out. :)
    I am having trouble with one thing though, maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong… I can't seem to change to a custom eyecolour. When I pick a colour and click "apply", it will instead of the irises change the colour of the light spots within the eyes. Strangely enough it didn't happen the first time I tried to change the eyes, but the next day it was like that and nothing seems to fix it.

  6. Mirabeth says:

    cant wait to see these and more!! though I hope a true male body will be in the future for all my poor guy friends who want a non femboy avatar with all these awesome feature ;D

  7. faematrix says:

    Ermagherddddd! Cant wait for the kemono dummy so i can play wif it T_T

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