– ABC aparel –

Everything is finished and today ABC has opened her Kemono clothing store at AMH, she already has 6 clothing items on sale and has plans for many more things, come check it out.


ABC apparel on the marketplace.

Now that this is done, i can get to work on that Dummy.blend, if all goes right, it should be out during the weekend or beginning of the next week.


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3 Responses to – ABC aparel –

  1. Mirabeth says:

    darn, I was hoping these would be updates for the ones already in the utilizator store D8

  2. Taru says:

    Great stuff. <:

  3. Curiene says:

    Nicely done now for the modders to have their kinky ways with those UVs. =^.^=

    (sits back and waits for some Avatar 2.0 luv…seeing the kemono results I know it is gonna be awesome ♫)

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