– Fur texture tutorial…. sorta –

Some time ago, someone requested me to make a fur pattern tutorial, i kept thinning about it but i couldn’t come up with much of a tutorial since the brush im using pretty much does it all for me.

So yeah heres the set of brushes im using for GIMP, you can download it here http://coyotemange.deviantart.com/art/Fur-Brush-Pack-211549772



So yeah, now for the tutorial part, what you need to do is set a dynamic brush size based on pressure and do some alteration between the few different brush brushes as you go so that it all wouldnt look like a mass of copypasta. Some smaller detail is impossible to do with the large brushes, so the fine hair brushes can be used on those parts. Finally, study pictures of animals to see what the kinds of fur thicknesses they have in different body areas, as well as fur colors.




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