– Updates and stuff-

I finaly got around making those extra boob sizes for the half top and some other stuff. The reason why the half top didnt get the boob size update along with the tanktop is because i was thinking how to solve the alpha glitch bikini problem and wanted to take it back and work on it some more. I have merged the bikini and the halftop together so this will permanently fix the alpha glitching problem. I have also made a set of new textures for it too.

Anyway heres the new stuff.

For items that dont have update cards, the story is as before, the item you have was not updated itself, only additional versions were created that you did not buy, so you are not entitled to a free update. If you dont feel like buying the same thing again, you dont have to.

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6 Responses to – Updates and stuff-

  1. Curiene says:

    Woot!! Now I can wear my MGA2 again without “Boobie Shrinkage”. Now I’m off to find a gun….

  2. Anitya says:

    Yea for nice stuff!

  3. Savage says:

    Hey Utilizator, do you have plans to make a corset for the 2.0? I haven’t found any underbust ones that seem to fit the shape flawlessly x.x

  4. Terra says:

    Oh yay more stuff to buy and things to make textures for :D

    I also second the underbust corsets as well! (If you can make one with a *small* amount of waist reduction that would be cool!)

  5. Naughyt Niseru says:

    I’m so in love with the 2.0 body and I bought almost all of the clothes! *addicted* Keep up the good work and thanks for what you already did! :)

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