– School Top Fix –

A quick bug fix for the following school uniform tops:

Kemono – Fixed a bug that assigned the shirt texture to the wrong prim instead of the lifted shirt prim.
Rikugou – Wrong version was packaged, added the right (finished rigging) version.
U&A – Herp derp, forgot about U&A in the original release, added a U&A female version to the package.

that is all, rez or wear your update cards and be patient, if nothing happens within 10 minutes, see the notice center and behind menus and chat windows, maybe you missed the accept window, if you didnt than try again later.

– School Top –

This is something i always wanted to make since the inception of the Avatar 2.0. I went one step further with this particular clothing item and made it compatible not only with all the boob sizes and Kemono, but also the Rikugou avatar, witch is the first time its getting any kind of clothing item. Expect more to come soon.

This top comes in a variety of customization options and colors

And you can do this too.

– Updates –

I have fixed a bug with the flat-net half top that was loading incorrect textures.
I have fixed a bug with another fix itself that i did to the Avatar 2.0 1.12b

Next big update is going to be the M3 head (witch i will be working on now)

– Halloween stuff –

Check the attachment to the latest group notice, i have made a bundle of random Halloween themed crap.



– More updates –

Alright, all the work on the 1.12 is now finished.

We have updated the stockings/kneesocks, socks, pantyhose and the modular arm glove kit to work with 1.12. We have also fixed a bunch of bugs with the original 1.12 release of the avatar so you will need to rez your update cards again.

The following changes have been made in the 1.12b maintenance update:

Fixed MB2 Stockings, they now react to the new HUD.
Fixed a bug with the the attachment system that caused problems with third party attachments on reloging.
Fixed a bug with the wrong texture being applied on the small boobs and flat chest.
Fixed a bug With the PG mode.
Applied a Temporary solution for the neck and abdomen gaps glitch.
Switched the Basic and Advanced buttons, this should be less counter intuitive for new users.
Changed 2 dark skin preview images displaying M3 compatibility fir the wrong skin and showing a skin that doesnt even exist.
Changes to the attachment system command documentation.

We have also made a texture applier that you can find here.


– Other updates –

I have also made some additional content and fixed one fundamental problem with the pantyhose while i was working on all this. The problem with the pantyhose was that the panty layer often got alpha canceled by the pantyhose due to random changes to attachment rendering order while teleporting or just loading on other peoples screens who just entered the region. As a result, people often ended up not wearing any panties on other people’s screens (witch i liked a lot :3), so it was very unreliable and inconvenient having to constantly reattach things.

To solve this issue, i merged the pantyhose and panties layers into one texture image, and restructured the texture select menu to include all 4 panty versions + a no panties version to every color. While i was working on this, i have also made 3 new additional texture types that you will find in the texture selection menu.


Also, the Avatar 2.0 stocking and kneesock pack now includes versions compatible with the Kemono avatar.

And finally, Arbalest has released a really nice looking armor for Avatar 2.0 so go check out their store at AMH.


That is all, the next big update on the list is the M3 head update, so stay tuned for that one.

– So whats next? –

While the Avatar 2.0 update is out, the transition to 1.12 isnt over yet, i still need to create appliers and update the clothing to work with the new hide system, as well as fix some bugs that we have overlooked with the initial release of 1.12
Once im finished, im also gonna be updating the M3 head, kemono and rikugou avatars.

General update of the M3 head system(to the same version as the kemono head), this update will add the following features:

Ability to control each eye lid separately (closing one eye and stuff liek that)
Different color tones for each eye texture.
Backwards compatibility with shitty old viewers like singularity.
Improved LOD for the HUD for people that run SL on ghetto setting.
Ability to attach the HUD anywhere you want without screwing it up.
New and improved applier system that applies the textures directly to the head.
External face expression control script commands.

Update to the kemono avatar:

Fix various rigging issues like the neck, and collar bones.
Fix a deformation issue on the ankles of the human legs
Fix the nipple flickering issue.
Fix bad triangulation on the chest and other body areas(one of the causes for the nipple flickering bug, fuck avastar and blender 2.6-7).
Fix the invisible ring around the nipples bug.
Add a missing button button on the left side options menu.
Include the missing expressions preset HUD (how come no one ever told me that we forgot to include it D:?)
Changes to the documentation
Special versions of the deformer, one to fix the shoulders when body thickness is set to 100, the other one to not deform the legs when non kemono clothing items and shoes are used.

Updates to rikugou:

Many tiny fixes to the temjin and strike armor packs that have piled up over the year

Once all the updates are done, i will than be working on a new anime head(s) add a little bit of variety to the anime community.

And BTW, dont listen to random retards spreading misinformation in the group  about things they have no actual knowledge of.
I have no idea why no one ever does this but, if you have any questions, you can just contact me directly and i will share all the current status on thing with you.


My side projects.

This is some of the stuff im working on along side the av2/m3/riku/kemono projects.

Mall maintainance

Im gradualy replacing prim linksets with mesh objects, to reduce the prim count and lag. Im also planing on expanding the mall since a lot of people want to get a spot and have to be put on a waiting list for one.


Attack on titan

aot1Im helping my friend chain with his attack on titan game project, im doing the visual part of it while he is focusing on all the coding.


.:: Annie May High ::.

schoolThis is a bit too early and im not sure if i should even be posting about this now but here it is.
The answer to Hentai High. Contrary to HH, the idea to AMH is not about serious business, roleplay and a “no fun allowed” policy, but rather a relaxed and fun atmosphere where people just come to be stupid in an anime school setting. There wont be any enforced dress/avatar codes or out of character requirements. It will also be a place without strict moderation, meaning that entering, you agree that once you are there, you are on your own and the staff is not there to be your babysitters. You are armed with move lock, mute, block and derender and you will have to learn how to use these tools if dont like someone playing crappy music or pointing out that ur a gay brony. We will not limit anyone’s freedom of speach and expression even if it offends you. No one forced you to come and no one asks you to stay, dont act all entitled.
That being said, it wont be a place of anarchy either, assholes that come and try to ruin everyone’s fun and orbit or crash everyone, spam loud sounds or any other autismo grandioso shit will be kicked out.

But dont expect this to become a thing any time soon because this is a huge project and will take a lot of time to come true, so its better you just forget about it for now until i post more about it.

– Avatar 2.0 v1.12 is out –


Ladies and germans, i bring you the Avatar 2.0 version 1.12 update. It might not look like much on the outside, but the Avatar 2.0 system was completely reworked from the inside, removing some of the most fundamental technical limitations of the avatar, allowing us to add more body surface areas that can be hidden, as well as asymmetrical texture support and other good shit. The avatar now has a texture applier system similar to that of the Kemono avatar and the M3 anime head. (appliers coming soon)

The HUD has been reworked from ground up as well, adding control and options for all the neat new features such as breast size selection, hand positions, custom texture loader and more. It can now be attached to any place on the screen without breaking it like it like before.

List of all the new features:

A new and improved HUD
More surface areas that can be hidden.
Boob size selection through the HUD
Hide/show pussy option for males and shemales and all that kind of stuff.
Hand positions.
Asymmetrical texture support.
Custom texture loader.
Texture applier system.
Smart HUD positioning
External script commands for hiding body parts.

Bonus Stuff:

Neck extender for people having torouble using anime heads with the avatar 2.0.
LL head alpha to help you blend your LL head better with the avatar 2.0.

Rez your update cards !

Whats next?

More updates, the M3 head, Kemono and Rikugou are going to get a bunch of bug fixes. The M3 head is going to get a bunch of new features, such as the ability to close one eye or v1 viewer backwards compatibility, and will be more inline with the kemono head. I will make a more detailed post about these and my other plans later on.

BTW, if you dont own an avatar 2.0 yet, better get one now because i will be increasing the price soon.