– More updates –

Alright, all the work on the 1.12 is now finished.

We have updated the stockings/kneesocks, socks, pantyhose and the modular arm glove kit to work with 1.12. We have also fixed a bunch of bugs with the original 1.12 release of the avatar so you will need to rez your update cards again.

The following changes have been made in the 1.12b maintenance update:

Fixed MB2 Stockings, they now react to the new HUD.
Fixed a bug with the the attachment system that caused problems with third party attachments on reloging.
Fixed a bug with the wrong texture being applied on the small boobs and flat chest.
Fixed a bug With the PG mode.
Applied a Temporary solution for the neck and abdomen gaps glitch.
Switched the Basic and Advanced buttons, this should be less counter intuitive for new users.
Changed 2 dark skin preview images displaying M3 compatibility fir the wrong skin and showing a skin that doesnt even exist.
Changes to the attachment system command documentation.

We have also made a texture applier that you can find here.


– Other updates –

I have also made some additional content and fixed one fundamental problem with the pantyhose while i was working on all this. The problem with the pantyhose was that the panty layer often got alpha canceled by the pantyhose due to random changes to attachment rendering order while teleporting or just loading on other peoples screens who just entered the region. As a result, people often ended up not wearing any panties on other people’s screens (witch i liked a lot :3), so it was very unreliable and inconvenient having to constantly reattach things.

To solve this issue, i merged the pantyhose and panties layers into one texture image, and restructured the texture select menu to include all 4 panty versions + a no panties version to every color. While i was working on this, i have also made 3 new additional texture types that you will find in the texture selection menu.


Also, the Avatar 2.0 stocking and kneesock pack now includes versions compatible with the Kemono avatar.

And finally, Arbalest has released a really nice looking armor for Avatar 2.0 so go check out their store at AMH.


That is all, the next big update on the list is the M3 head update, so stay tuned for that one.


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13 Responses to – More updates –

  1. Mirabeth says:

    Were the basic stockings updated to? Because I never got an update card when I bought mine ages ago o.o;;

  2. Papichulo says:

    Please please please gloves / arm warmers for kemono

  3. elara says:

    thank you so much, respect for your work! looks awesome

  4. Woot! Just finished retexturing myupdate…quite a work out with all the boobs and hands, lol. But that is a GOOD problem to have. I know it won’t be long before the modders start using the new applier system. Really looking forward to the new M3 head option. Curious what that will look like. And waiting patiently again for future 2.0 updates when our time rolls around again.

  5. Hikiera says:

    I tried using my update card and nothing happened. something wrong with the system or is it slow? :O

    • Anitya says:

      slow slow slow … also, if it fails, wait 24 hours before trying again :)

    • how to use the update card

      Rez the card on the ground or wear it, be patient.
      If nothing happens within 10 minutes, you think you didnt get your update within those 10 minutes, check your notice center, maybe the update accept dialog got lost under some im or menu window, if not than, detach or take it back and wait 12 hours and try again.
      If you try to repeatedly rez/wear the card, you will spam the update server with update requests and it will not work.
      If you already recieved one update less than 12 hours ago, you will need to wait too.

  6. Hikiera says:

    i retextured with the new hud for 2.0. what happened to the 2c_medium3 skin? is it not on the lsit anymore? theres one similar but lighter :/

  7. Desmond says:

    This is great, when will the gloves be updated

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