– Your utilizator is buggy! –

Rofl, this made my day.

your utilizator is buggy


buggy and crap


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8 Responses to – Your utilizator is buggy! –

  1. Senpai says:

    enable mesh viewer nub

    • Senpai says:

      utilizator is one of the best mesh still in Sl also was one of the first also don’t blame uti if your viewer is not mesh ready or u are unable to equip it correctly learn to read he tells u u should have a mesh enabled viewer also how to equip it correctly…..

    • Asami says:

      That IS a mesh enabled viewer, or you’d just see a triangle. That said, I don’t think any non-mesh viewers are still even able to connect to the grid these days.

      What you’re seeing is the low LODs. Understandable for the body, though I have to say, it wouldn’t be hard to just set the same LOD level on all the planes of the HUD so it shows properly.

  2. TC says:

    RenderVolumeLODFactor needs to be pulled down to about 0.1 before the avatar and HUD start to tear up like this. A viewer only defaults to that low if the graphics hardware isn’t really fit for SL, even prim cylinders render as hexagons at that level. For even meh graphics you have to force the detail down that low.

  3. Masato Anabuki says:

    This is sad… the app on my phone shows mesh correctly…

  4. Curiene says:

    LOL Wow…some people can not have nice things…takes too much brain power. That could be their viewer, LOD, internet connectivity or SL maint. TROUBLESHOOT…just scary they did not think before sending you the rage IM. Thanks for all your awesomeness…my shit looks goooood!!

  5. noobiesnack says:

    looks like my screen when I turn the detail down to 0. It is fun to look at and then show to other people.

  6. Pam says:

    My cue is mesh loading on old computer or bad internet connection.
    In my computer I see this state about 2 seconds after login in, but if the person is complaining can be not loading correctly in that land, so the person should have tested in a less lagged place before taking snapshots and IMing Utilizator.

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