– M3 1.12.8 update –

The big M3 update is out, rez your update cards

Changes to appliers and texture load system, appliers will now bypass the HUD and load textures directly(a retro loader has been included to load old M3 applier textures onto the new head), the custom button above the preview now clears added custom textures.
Changes to the presets window, the presets window is now a separate HUD that saves/loads face expressions.
Added a hide option to the HUD.
Replaced one eye texture with a new one.
Added extra eye customization options and a v1 viewer compatibility mode.
Bug fixes and general optimization to the HUD, the HUD can now be attached anywhere you want without breaking it, the HUD should now display correctly on low end machines with low graphics settings.

The whites of the eyes and insides of the mouth were separated to not be effected by skin color tinting.
Fixed a long standing and overlooked issue with the face light losing its original settings and resetting to default default LL light settings.
Bug fixes and general optimization to the head, the head has been restructured and now uses less polygons to do the same thing, the ugly seam on top of the head has been eliminated thanks to this.

Optimizations to the scripts to consume less resources.
Improved the LL head alpha to hide the entire head and not just the face, for people having problems with rigged mesh hair and LL avatar body (why are you still using the LL body anyway?)
External script command support has been added.

New features:
Ability to control each eye lid separately (closing one eye and stuff like that)
Different color tones for each eye texture.
Backwards compatibility with shitty old viewers like singularity.
Menu repositioning based on HUD attachment point.
Ability to hide the HUD.
New and improved applier system that applies the textures directly to the head.
External face expression control script commands.


The M3 texture applier has been updated too.


Next big update is going to be the kemono.


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11 Responses to – M3 1.12.8 update –

  1. *fingers crossed for boobs on kemono*

    • Axel says:

      Another boob shape from official source
      Said boob shape would be free update, and much easier to rig clothings to
      Kemono wouldnt look underage to some people (?)

      Utilizator has to make them and all that work, making the update take longer
      Utilizator and ABC has to update all the clothing to be compatible
      All new Utilizator / ABC / Any clothing would now take longer to create due to sizes
      Anyone who has ever made kemono clothing has to update or get complaints

      Having a larger breast option for kemono would be Really Awesome but it’s been a while now and it got popular so fast, releasing breast sizes would be rocking the boat on everyone who works on anything related to the body. If Utilizator did have time for all those tits, great, amazing, people would deal with noobs for a while, but hopes are not up.

      Also a thought: Offering people who made custom boobs to host their rig data on the official downloads section would be awesome for modders.

      • it wouldn’t be any different then when it happened with the 2.0. That one had been out for much longer before the update, and the people in this community have been so quick to make the kemono clothing, I think they would adapt fast. And some would be default, some wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be that much different then with the 2.0, but still could be beneficial. I think it’s worth it =) I know many MANY people are hoping so badly for a boob update.

      • Danny says:

        Honestly we don’t need any boob updates for the Kemono, because we already have them. People have made boobs for the Kemono in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Even flat chests/male chests. Not to mention most of the third party boobie makers have made, and are still making clothes for their products to fit them. Why bother make something that’s already been done?

        The 2.0 is a different story, because no one actually made boob add ons for it, so of course people were able to adapt to it.

        I agree that those who’ve made booberoos for the kemono to offer the rig file, so other mesh creators will be able to make more clothing options for them. If they haven’t already, of course.

    • except that’s part of the problem. You have to keep buying boobs to fit certain clothing in order to have a bust, while most people still make stuff ONLY for the default kemono, so there is still a limited amount of options out there. If there is an official one then the sizes will be more uniform so that there will be more people able to make clothing for them, and the other options will still be there. If I want one avatar to have many wardrobes, and her bust keeps changing sizes, it bothers me.

      • Danny says:

        Same thing’s still going to happen if Uti decides to make more breast sizes for the Kemono as well. There will be a lot of people who wouldn’t want to update their things for the breast sizes, or go through the trouble of fitting their products for the sizes every time. Some will just either stick with the default size, or go with one size with their future products. Most of these people who make clothing constantly, are the people who’ve made their own breasts. So making clothes for their product, specially if they have different sizes like BB/MM for example, then right after they have to make more different options will take a very long time. It’ll just complicate things a lot more, people are still going to complain, and either way still gotta buy boobs for different clothing options.

      • people are more likely to make clothing for the default sizes, since they will have dummies available to do so. It will add more consistency and options. The content creators for the kemono are quick, and I think many people would catch on and make versions for other sizes quick enough. Where as with the ones out there, there are less options because people dont have the ability to mess with a dummy, they just have to guess, and then if someone wants that top they have to go find and buy those specific boobs, ect. Honestly there is no reason NOT to add it in. we will still have the additions people added to hold us over, but in the end everyone will benefit more from official sizes.

  2. Awesome update. I like it! People should not rush UTI. as a creator, I really dislike when people tell me what to do. I usually do what seems right to be done.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Senpai says:

    fantastic looks awesome ty uti for keeping up the good work <3

  4. I really wish there was a more detailed notecard on loading textures for the M3 Head. Looks like great features, but I only see a note card for old appliers and the retro hud..not instructions on the actual M3 head..where it says Load Textures and where it brings up some kind of box? Help for that would be nice ty

    • You say there’s no instructions and than you quote the instructions….

      Just follow it step by step, click the buttons it tells you to and once you get to the texture submit box, there will be more instructions in the box itself.

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