– The Oni Combat Armor and some updates –

The Oni Combat Armor – arms, legs and a tacticool belt.

Compatible with Avatar 2.0, Kemono and Rikugou Lite avatars. You will need to update your Kemono And Rikugou avatars for this to work, i have also included a manual fix that you can apply to your Kemono instead of Updating it to save time. This started out as something else entirely but has deviated to what it is now, after series of walls i ran into with trying to mesh out the design. Non the less, i really like how it turned out and im thinking of making a chest piece and maybe a head piece later too.

Btw, funny thing, Marketplace filtered the word Oni and set the product to mature automatically for whatever retarded linden reason, had to change Oni to Onı using unicode to bypass the the retarded filter.


– Updates –

Avatar 2.0
Fixed a glitch with the bonus hair base that made it clip with the new version of Avatar 2.0

Fixed a bug with the visually effect of the voice chat animation checkbox being pressed (if you closed the options menu and opened it again, the checkbox got reset visually)Fixed a bug that made both the voice chat and typing animation checkboxes activate both functions regardless of what checkbox was marked.
Fixed a bug with the head applying custom eyebrow textures on one of the elf ears.

Kemono(This is not the upcoming big update)
Fixed a bug with the Kemono deformer, offsetting the lower leg bones, making the legs look all curved backwards and breaking the ankles, you need this update mainly for compatibility with the O.CA armor legs and some products that asami is going to make.

Rikugou Lite(This is not the upcoming big update)
Changes to arms and legs for compatibility with the O.CA arms and legs.


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11 Responses to – The Oni Combat Armor and some updates –

  1. Krlighting says:

    Maybe a pistol too? seeing as it’s so light a armor that’d be good…maybe?

  2. Matteste Elton says:

    Good to see Rikugou is getting some love again.

  3. Hey Uti. I am trying to match my friends oni armor to her Riku. I do all the edits for her and have full perms, but I cannot select faces on the ONI. I can edit all her other Riku gear, but not the ONI. I have full perms, and we’ve tried resetting the perms a couple of times. I can move the peices, but not edit them, I simply cannot select anything but the whole Item.

  4. Official SL viewer. using select face option with the object on the ground. I can select it and move it. I cannot select face nor can I edit linked. I can ONLY select the whole object. Any attempt to select face results in deselecting the object.

    • im pretty sure you are confusing something, to change colors of a particular face, you need to use the select face option (not edit linked) and than click on a face, go to texture tab and click on the color box to change the color.

      • Uti, dear, I’m an 8 year veteran of SL, and a mad modder. I would not have contacted you to ask if I had not already eliminated all the easy mistakes. I’ve edited all of Miyuki’s Rikus without issues before. I have never once had this issue with any of your products prior to the ONI.

        Once the object has been rezzed on the floor, I can easily select it to move, but I cannot select face, or edit link, because the object then becomes deselected, and no matter how many times or where on the object I click I can only select it when I have move, rotate or stretch checked. Neither Face nor Linked allow me to interact with the object at all.

      • is it set to no mod or something? if so, try deleting the script inside it and see if it turns mod.

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