– A bunch of stuff –

New spots open at AMH

We have expanded the mall to accommodate all the people in our waiting list that were waiting forever to get a spot. We have made some extra spots too so if you were interested but could never find a spot, this is your chance.


We also now have advertisement boards for rent, you can advertise your store or your marketplace page or services.


“Help! my update card’s not working D:”

I dont know whats going on but i suspect LL screwed something up, looks like the update cards have trouble communicating with the update server from other sims for a lot of people. If you are one of them, try changing sims or coming to AMH where the update server is located(Update cards only working on AMH used to be an urban legend but looks like it became true because of this xD).


I forgot to include the UV maps in the textures, here’s an update version of the texture pack https://www.mediafire.com/?msujx7fn890vo5d
Also due to the way specular maps react to local lights on SL, it kinda looks like shit, so to fix it, right click the armor and set the specularity to 50 manually (if your viewer can handle having the advanced lighting model turned on that is)

And finally, i decided to make a chest and a survival back pack, to go along with the arm and leg armor parts. Heres some work in progress images.




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11 Responses to – A bunch of stuff –

  1. Is the Oni top going to fit the 2.0 large chest? cuz I REALLY don’t like being flat chested : D

  2. Krlighting says:

    Will the Knife on the chest armor be useable? That would be a nice small touch.

  3. Lilly says:

    Well, since you are doing a chest, why not make pants or a skirt for it too xD Quite frankly I would like a change of skirts from the punk one on 2.0 x.x

  4. kon says:

    often the same problems, thought for not big boobs (why you have made it than?). does this chest work for rikugou? need also a mature and chibi anime face version, maybe next time do a “poll” for to be sure what people wants.

  5. kon says:

    I’m really sorry for bored you, couse also my bad english, again very sorry T_T

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