– The big kemono update –

OKAY the big Kemono update is finished, It is now version 1.13 here are the things that got fixed:

Fixed HUD position bug.
Fixed the nipple ring thing when a texture is applied manually or the chest is hidden using the HUD.
Fixed neck rigging.
Fixed rigging in the ass crack and, collar bones.
Fixed a bug that made the right nipple glitch out.
Fixed triangulation on chest.
Separated teeth from 3 of the faces to fix the teeth tinting problem when the skin color is being tinted.
Fixed the lower leg deformation bug that dislocated the knee and ankle and made the whole lower leg moved back and curved.
Fixed a bug that made both mouth animation check boxes activate both features, no matter what button was pressed.
Fixed a bug with the visual effect of the mouth animations check box  being marked, reset when options menu is closed.
Fixed a problem that caused the head to load wrong texture on the eye base layer temporarily.
Included the presets HUD that i forgot to do at the very beginning somehow and no one told me about it.
The head now responds to emote commands from scripts.
Fixed an oversight with skin color tinting, the head skin color tinting now also effects the rest of the body.
Made 3 versions of the body with deformers for special situations, for example, you will be able to wear pants and boots and other things that werent made for the kemono now.


Rez your update cards, if nothing happens, dont panic and dont IM me about how the card is broken, just wait 10 minutes and if nothing happens go to another sim and try again.

Next big update is going to be the Rikugou, this one has a fuck ton of bugs so this will be interesting.


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17 Responses to – The big kemono update –

  1. Moon says:

    The faces on a part of the breasts don’t allow asymmetrical textures now.

    • Kourtnee says:

      Could you be a little more specific? I have rezzed a body and loaded custom texutres to both sides and do not see an issue.

  2. Who Cares says:

    You are just a fucking rude piece of shit

  3. Sae says:

    The upper body at the shoulders and neck still deform? So you can not wear a top if was not made for the Kemono if it shows skin in a way you can not just alpha it out?

  4. Nicholas says:

    So, I wore all three body types, made them semi-transparent, change my body thickness to max, and they all stayed the exact shape shape as eachother :0

    • yes because the model is the same, its the deformer inside is what makes the difference. the last worn body’s deformer has deformed all 3 bodies, thats why they were identical.

  5. Lilly says:

    Some people just can’t be happy with what you give them, well all I have to say is, fuck you too people who want more, nobody likes you.

  6. Eva says:

    My ankles are STILL messed up :(

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