– WIP ONI Chest armor –

All modeling and UV mapping is done, i began texturing it.


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9 Responses to – WIP ONI Chest armor –

  1. 2lambo21 says:

    oh wow this looks awesome!!

  2. The Rock says:

    how much will it cost?

  3. Anitya says:

    *laughs* i’m not sure i should admit this .. but my Kemono-Nezumi is going to look so cute in that!


  4. Kon says:

    very cool hope that back pack could be aldo hide…..amazing!!

  5. agirl3003 says:

    looking good! Any chance that if the chest piece is hidden the backpack straps will still work if someone just wants the pack? If not still good, will still get it XD

    • i was playing around with that possibility in my head but it wouldnt work because of all the tubes and wires and stuff. would need to make another version of the backpack just for this purpose.

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