– WIP – chest armor –

Okay, so the texturing is kinda done, all thats left is to make 98358943 color versions.

Also this was something i played around with in my head and someone in the comments asked if im going to make straps for the backpack so that it would be able to be used by itself, at first i replied that no because that would require me to make a separate version of the backpack and create a new texture and stuff. But than i thought, oh well why the fuck not, so i sat down and made this.

I have reused the backpack texture to make the straps so i wouldn’t need to make a new texture for it.


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18 Responses to – WIP – chest armor –

  1. The Rock says:

    Damn this look good I’m very proud of you son!

  2. Qaus says:

    aaaa i need this now!
    when can we expect this to be released?

  3. Savage says:

    I personally think you should at least allow the straps to fit over the larger boob sizes for the 2.0, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. agirl3003 says:

    it’s looking amazing! Omg I am so glad it can be a pack to! Nice job! ^^ can’t wait to use this thing =D

  5. Kon says:

    it will be a nice christmas :)

  6. Ano Nymous says:

    If Uti wasn’t lazy it’d be done today :p

  7. Krlighting says:

    Honestly the pristine version make me think new blank storm trooper xD then the worn is well…it has it”s own character? it’s the Han solo to the pristine storm trooperxD

  8. Pepper says:


  9. Shakko13 says:

    Oh god, my wallet is trembling with lust already. o3o Can’t wait to see the magic when it’s ready!

    Random question, is there a chance that the knife on the chestpiece will be detachable, or have a separate model for those of us that want to use our own scripts to make it a functional weapon? That would be the badass cherry on top of an already highly anticipated bit of awesome! :D

  10. Ahmad Khan says:

    Awesome. One thing have been missing in OCA arms legs set!

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