– Second Life 2.0 (for real this time) –

So i assume you all have probably heard about Second Life 2.0 by now. People often ask me what is my view on this, so imma give my 2 cents on this matter as well (and generate some copypasta for the next time someone asks :D).

Ok so SL 2.0, is it a good thing, is it bad, do we need a new sl? well I personally would wish that instead of spending all that time, money and effort on building a new game, they would concentrate it all on fixing this current one. On the other hand, this game is so fucked up beyond repair, that a fresh start might be the only way to fix it.

Theres some pants on head retarded rumours going around about how LL is going to pull the plug on SL after SL 2.0 is out. I wish people would stop listening to rumours and look for real information from real sources, like the linden labs blog that clearly states that they wont be killing or even phasing out SL any time soon or ever, if no one stops playing it.
Also shutting down the old SL would be a commercial suicide to LL, especially when SL2 is in its infancy. They need to have a safe harbor that they can return to in case shit doesnt go the way they planed it.

So ummm, LL hasn’t disclosed any specific information about how the game will work and what technology will it employ so its kinda early to say how eager i am to move to SL 2.0.

I would however be all for SL 2.0 if it had the following things in it:

Clothing and hair simulation.
IK targets (for stuff like holding guns right, no matter what shape you have, or your legs interacting with the surface you are walking on)
Custom bone structures (like ability to have finger bones or a tail or extra arms and all that stuff)
Morphs and joint morph targets (for adjusting the avatar’s shape and face, face expressions, hand positions, nice joint deformations and so on)(fuck fitted mesh)
A proper material editor maybe.
More useful script commands and no technical limitations like one particle system per script and so on.
A more informative compiler.
Special built in functionality in the client/server itself, for handling things like vehicles, weapons, sword combat, combat interactions with avatars(like punching someone would actually make the hit connect and move their avatar), scoring and other gameplay elements, to make games on SL perform like real games and not some disjointed laggy wtfisgoingon shit. Having this functionality built into the client/server instead of having to write complicated 54651531351 lines of script to do such seemingly simple tasks, that are impossible to do smoothly anyway because of all the fucking sim lag.
Proper key mapping in scripts, so you would be able to bind any keyboard key you want to a script without having to use gestures.
Creation tools that let you create meshes ingame.
User owned sims.
Bring back old sl features lost over time like water simulation, mirror surfaces destruction physics and rain.
A proper optimized client with a customizable UI and features.
Disallow third party clients.

But yeah, all of this is just wishful thinking, we would be lucky if even 1 or 2 things from this list would be implemented into the new game. And in general im a bit skeptical about SL 2.0, do you really expect someone as incompetent as LL, who takes 3 years to fix a bug, breaks 10 other things with their lazy fix and cant even do something as simple as adding a button to the UI. On top of that, a company that doesnt even understand its own product or its own userbase, ignores feedback, keeps fixing whats not broken, implementing shit that no one asked for, and keeps on making other pants on head retarded decisions, like shitting all over their front page and user dashboard with malware containing ADs, and keeps trying to take the game to directions that no one wants to go to.

And finally, remember this?patternshow well did that work out?

Now there is a rumor that SL 2.0 is just a codename because secretly LL has been funding Philip linden who is working on his own project called high fidelity. But i do not see high fidelity as a proper replacement for SL because 1. Philip linden is a childish visionary that is still hyped up with early 90s concepts of virtual reality and doesn’t understand that no one really cares about that stupid shit anymore. 2. His project is all about live expressive interactions between players through their their avatars, using expensive motion capture and virtual reality equipment that no one in their right mind would consider buying. His game is all based on recreating that real life face to face communication (I dont think he ever heard about skype video calls) and is not really in tune with what the current SL is about. In fact, Philip left LL because SL wasnt in tune with how he envisioned SL to be when he created it. I just dont see how this would interest all the socially awkward shut ins that are playing SL. Also his game looks like ass in its current state.

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  1. Lilly says:

    Couldn’t agree more, really tired of lagging in various sims just because the game is completely optimized. That and I could really go for a base LL avatar update so they don’t look like shit and cause me to be gated from 99% of the cloths on the Martketplace. I love 2.0 but there just isn’t enough options for clothing imo…. >: That and I’m tired of seeing butt ugly avatars that make me want to get sick. The extra joints would be nice, and so would the Ik targets, mostly because I’d like combat to not lag 99% of the time.

  2. Doctor Rockter says:

    Great article. What’s your take on the idea of SL “1.0” user-created content being transfered to SL 2.0? I’d personally prefer if it was a 100% fresh start, so LL can actually focus on making content-creation less backwards and so that all the ugly items and RLV garbage doesn’t shit up the game like it did SL.

    I also hope to god that they do something about the full bright feature, if SL 2.0 implementation will be any similar to the SL we know. I’m sick and tired of seeing full bright buildings and objects that aren’t supposed to be full bright glowing like some kind of holy beacon.
    Also, that they make it illegal or impossible to place skyboxes at less than 1000m altitude. And that banlines and 0 second “security” ejectors are outlawed on mainland, if there’s one. Two of my biggest annoyances (aside from the full bright thing) is that I can see people’s fugly skyboxes all over the sky and that whenever I wanna cruise around mainland and have a good time, I either get stuck on someone’s retarded banlines or get kicked by a 0 second, no warning ejection script.

    • Yeah i agree 100%, i dont want to see all that garbage from SL flood the new game, it would beat the whole point of a fresh start if we would see the same horrible prim builds from 2004 all over the place again. As for fullbright, this problem would be solved if they added a proper material and to make items fullbright, you would need to make a special luminosity map, something that the brain dead morons that set everything fulbright, would have no idea how to do, while people that know wtf they are doing would be able to continue doing it. And for the mainland, they need to make sim crossing seamless too.

    • Venompapa says:

      I love RLV though :3 i guess we wont have anything like that in the new SL but hope we somehow can give more control to our own objects over the viewer than they supposed to have since if not for BDSM and other thing like that RLV being rather useful in certain games inside SL and letting things seamlessly happens.

      Also… beside the the same things annoys me as well i hope peoples wont make ugly facelights again x.X some of them useful for snapshots… but hell no, some people wearing it all the time and even some are bright enough to burn out someone’s eyes.

  3. asamiimako says:

    Honestly anyone that thinks LL is funding High Fidelity or getting rid of SL is stupid, since they’ve ALREADY ANNOUNCED that they’re working on a successor to SL with many of the team members from SL, and they’ve also already said they’re not getting rid of SL. They’ve also ALREADY ANNOUNCED that content will NOT be cross-compatible, but L$ balance may transfer between worlds. They also stated mesh items will be compatible, but will need to be re-uploaded, so we already know it will have mesh upload from the start, possibly using the same Collada format. They’ve also announced that there will be new rigging tools, so we should at least see something along the lines of blend shapes/morph targets. not sure about in-world IK or anything like that.

    Getting rid of Second Life before they know the new world will be popular would be complete suicide. LL would die as a company in an instant, it’s the only thing keeping them afloat. I doubt Desura brings in much money, and Patterns was a joke. (Also the title of that article is pretty much bullshit and worded in a deceptive manner. They never planned on leaving SL behind.)

    tl;dr: Second Life isn’t going anywhere, new world is NOT High Fidelity, and practically confirmed to be better than SL was since old bullshit is incompatible and they’re going to have mesh upload from the start (like SL should have had) and new rigging tools should at least allow us to do SOMETHING better than we could now.

    Rumor has it that they’ll also be ready for beta sometime in the new year, so prepare your anuses.

  4. Nym Rieko says:

    …So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. Make a roof for it, leaving below the roof an opening one cubit high all around. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks…
    Looks like we heard all this a way long ago :) But the bad truth is that SL of any number in it’s name will not be any better then majority of it’s user base, ever. And what about wishes? I wish to have custom skeletons, collision physics for meshes (or at least cloth physics) and maybe custom user shaders aka GLSL scripts for materials (and a ten thousands pages of other wishes too) :)

    • implementing a content tagging/rating and filtering option would prevent the user base from shitting the new game up too.

      • Nym Rieko says:

        Once ago, when Blue Mars was in closed beta, i suggested them to implement “total mute” system, a way to mute not only people but also all their objects, scripts and everything related to them, so if you a griefer and harass a lot of people, you may finish all alone in the totally empty space. Easy to implement, just a kind of filter. They choose traditional ban system instead. Thats make me think, that what people really need is not safety but a way to punish “offenders”. Seems we not ready to give up “drama” at all.

  5. i wasnt talking about that, im talking about visual and functional quality rating of content, users, and sims. Lets say im tired of my eyes bleeding from all the crap made by people who have no business creating content, i set the filter to only give me top quality items and sims in search.

    As for grieffers, people just need to stop being babies and the grieffer problem will dispensary all by itself.

    • asamiimako says:

      My idea for this was to implement a per-avatar render weight limit. Make it so avatars sort of have a “prim limit” like land does. This way all the un-optimized content by retards dies because nobody can wear it. Low poly/low texture memory items (which are usually items made by people who know what they’re doing) dominate the market because they give people the best bang for their triangle count, overall quality goes up. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’ll probably be better in the long run than filtering things, because you don’t end up porting into places and seeing missing stuff everywhere.

      • left sock says:

        This idea would not only invade on everyone’s creative freedom, it’d also enable certain content creators to gain maximum monopoly. A group of content creators would start charging more for their stuff because it uses less avatar resources than the alternatives. People would have a harder time making the avatar they want because of the limit and as a result everyone would own the same or similar set of items. (similar to what’s going on with mesh avatars which don’t have a huge clothing variety – like the Viss bunny, where there’s only like 10 possible clothing combinations).
        Lastly, and this is a serious possibility – LL would likely try to cash in on this idea, by letting “premium” players have a higher resource limit.

        Overall, not a good idea. In-game content rating and filtering would be much more acceptable – everyone would be able to wear and create whatever the fuck they want, but you could choose to only view the items which have a rating of X stars or if their render weight is below a certain threshold. That’d work and wouldn’t ruin the game for anybody.

      • it would not invade on everyone’s creative freedom, only those who have no idea what they are even doing, such as the marvelous designer croud. The rest of us would be unaffected by this.
        If a group of content creators would start charging more, no one would buy their shit, they would not be able to make a monopoly because there’s tons of people like me who could offer the same thing for dirt cheep.
        People would have a hard time making avatars no matter what because the game is still new and theres still no content, it doesnt matter if theres going to only be 3 dresses that are optimized or 3 dresses that are a waste of polygons, its still just 3 dresses that everyone and their mom will wear. By the time enough content will be created, people will be already adjusted to the new ways to create things, just like it always was on SL every time something changed (sculpts, custom resolution sculpt maps, meshes, new LSL features, materials)

        The idea on LL cashing in on letting premium users ruin their game by lagging everyone is ridiculous, but than again LL did some ridiculous shit themselves lol.

        Overall its a very good idea and all the sacrifices are necessary if you are tired of your top of the line computer crawling at 15 frames per second because of people who dont understand and dont care to understand how they effect the entire game(and nothing of value would be lost anyway)

  6. Nym Rieko says:

    No, but you choose the same way to deal with unwanted content I suggested to deal with bad people- filters :) I am more then sure were will be many who will want to force everyone to not see content THEY not want to exist. A quality rating system ? Can you imagine how much fighting will be around such a system? We already have a lot of fight along with maturity rating. The bad side of buttons is that everyone want to press them :) Yes, we should have some kind of management, but I have no clue how it should work without possibility to offend too much. In SL, we have too much chiefs and just a few Indians. So, filters- yes, but the choice to turn them on or off should be left for purely user decision, and without the need to reconfirm it 10 times at different places, it should be done once and globally. Yes, I might look over alarmed, but I know possibilities of LL too well :)

  7. i never said the filters would be mandatory, just on by default :D and as for the maturity ratings on marketplace, the system sucks balls because LL auto sets items as mature without even reviewing them when someone flags them as such.

  8. Nym Rieko says:

    I am afraid it will be exactly the same way with quality rating too. But can guess, for guys it could be a kind of fun to have filters on, if girls around will wear clothes marked by bad quality LOL :)))

  9. Mysterics says:

    Do you think under any circumstances that you’d upload your mesh items to the new platform? Perhaps only if some of these criteria you mention are are met, or it’s just too early to tell?

  10. Mysterics says:

    One thing I definitely think should be done is actual user-owned stuff.Not only can you not own sims (which I suppose is understandable), but you technically don’t own things you upload either, while LL only really uses this “ownership” to place user-created things in adverts, the idea that LL own everything you upload is…off. It just presents too much power to be comfortable, and if a considerable amount of people decide to take the content they made for SL elsewhere, I’m concerned for how LL might react. The thing is i kind of doubt the new platform will have any sort of user-ownership either.

    Even if they don’t claim to own it they would still have considerable control seeing as they own the hosting, and could probably claim they own advertising rights as a part of the agreement of hosting your thing.

  11. Bala L. says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Shhh and commented:
    Totally agree with this, so re-blogging for references etc.

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