– The chronicles of Marysue –

Heres a leasson on what not to do if you wish to create a compelling character and story.



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5 Responses to – The chronicles of Marysue –

  1. I felt my eyes roll back, back, back until they spun a full rotation. Then again. Faster and faster. I mounted a generator to my optic sockets and created a new energy source from the boundless rotational energy of CRINGE.

  2. Kamille says:

    That was fucking paaaaaaainful

  3. LadyRed Kenin says:

    Ah, I remember talking to this person once upon a mid summer nightmare. I see its only gotten worse since then.

  4. RedSamus4 says:

    Well I happen to know this person. Running joke, we say Kiara LARP Alert

  5. C I N D E R I T E says:

    Male M3 Head confirmed in part 2 of the video.

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