– Find the O.CA easter egg –

Okay so like, when i was making the O.CA armor, i plated an Easter egg in it, hoping someone will find it an IM me about it, but no one did so far so like, i came up with an idea.

So heres the thing, whoever finds the Easter egg and reports it to me first, gets 5000L. The rules are simple, to get the prize, you need to figure this out within 24 hours, if no one figures it out, i will give the first hint. I will give a hint every 24 hours BUT with each hint given, the prize will be reduced by 1k. To get the prize you need to not only find it but also figure out what it is.

Long story short, a hint every 24 hours, each hint reduces the prize by 1k, you gotta find and guess the full thing, gusseting only a part of it doesnt count.




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2 Responses to – Find the O.CA easter egg –

  1. Aww I just saw that the morse message was discovered. But what was the message? :o

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