– Nice troll LL, 10/10 well played –

Okay so, dunno if anyone seen the recent LL announcement, where they talk bout all the improvements they did to mesh and other stuff. It was like, WOW LL is no longer ignoring the important issues and is actually doing something to move this game forward, instead of pretending they are doing something, this is so amazing :O http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Check-Out-the-Latest-Improvements-to-Second-Life/ba-p/2895496

The thing in their announcement that got me excited the most was “We’re upgrading support for mesh import: an upcoming Viewer update will allow uploading models that have more than eight unique faces” This would open up so many new possibilities for mesh, it would let me optimize the shit out of the av2, kemono and M3, and remove all sorts of frustrating, dead end limitations on what can be done, it would make my work so much easier and let me focus on creation instead of figuring out ways around those limitations. I finally had my respect back for LL.


But then…..


The public beta notes came and “Using these new features, models with more than 8 unique faces can be imported. Gone are the days of importing complicated meshes in pieces with “some assembly required”. At import, these models are automatically split into pieces so that each satisfy the current face limits for a volume.”

This is fucking, pants on head retarded, this wont allow us to upload models with more than 8 faces, this will just automatically break them up into separate models, with you having no control over how its done, just like their lazy ass LOD and physics generation algorithms. And the part about “some assembly required” There was no assembly required! you could upload linksets of separate mesh objects in one go. You had full control on how your mesh in your 3D editor of choice and upload them as linksets, instead of giving it to a crappy algorithm that does it whatever random manner.  This new “feature” is just fucking stupid and meaningless and will only enable people who have no idea what the fuck they are doing, to hit up the game even more with their terrible, unoptimized wastes of polygons.

So yeah, well done LL, once again you did absolutely nothing and made us all think you are doing something to move the fucking game forward.

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10 Responses to – Nice troll LL, 10/10 well played –

  1. Kourtnee says:

    9/11 would crash into

  2. Lilly says:

    10/10 Would troll again…… LL needs to get their heads out of their asses, lol.

  3. Are you fucking kidding me? The only people this will make it easier for is people who upload game models brainlessly.

  4. Curiene says:

    Give with one hand…Take with the other….nice

  5. Reisen says:

    Oh christ, this is bad news. The amount of plebs who steal models from other games and successfully upload them to SL as ‘there own’ and then -sell- ‘there own’ models was atleast restricted by the fact that you had to have a slight clue about modelling to get it to upload, aka, knowing how to deal with the face limit.

    Speaking as someone who makes mesh models, for real content creators like myself and Utilizator, these changes make no improvements at all, and I will still have to split my model manually to optimize it so that these typical dodgy SL algorithms don’t try to break up my model in illogical ways.

    But for those with no mesh knowledge, this is very, very bad news. I have seen models with upwards of 300+ faces that could be reduced to about 8 for SL, a good example of this is MMD models, they just aren’t optimized for putting into SL, and now if someone were to upload one of these MMD models the SL algorithms instead of rejecting them will split their model into 38 objects and link them together, so we got stolen unoptimized content lagging up the game…

    … sigh

  6. Just pointing out that 8 faces is an SL limit for prims. For us to get mesh at all, it had to retain that level of per-face compatibility with prims, as I understood things during Mesh Beta. Having more than 8 faces would not just affect mesh.

    I’m glad the uploader will now correct for accidental extra materials and suchlike without rejecting the upload. The onus is on creators to adapt around the limits SL imposes, as I see it, not for creators to manufacture problems where there are none.

  7. Pirii says:

    Here, let this wacky algorithm turn your mesh into a Chinese off brand Lego set!

  8. Intelliraptor says:

    wow, gay

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