– finally, something new from ABC –

ABC has made a bunch of new things for Kemono.

This fat pack also contains an overall piece that can be combined with all 3 jeans items and the tennis skirt.

You will need to update the tennis shirt and tennis skirt packs for compatibility with these new items. As always, rez or wear your update cards and wait, if nothing happens within a few minutes, go to another sim and try again ot go to AMH.


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5 Responses to – finally, something new from ABC –

  1. Lilly says:

    I know this is ABC apparel and stuff, buuuuut is there any plans for jeans for 2.0? I mean I’m asking cause it’d be nice, but you know, one can dream, and ask questions x.x

  2. Anitya says:

    wait wait wait … now I know whats been bothering me for so long about this. after FAR FAR FAR too long we get new stuff from one of the best Kemono dressmakers – someone who does this because its a fun hobby or entertainment and to be quite frank, doesn’t owe us a thing …

    and you chose it to complain not just about why something wasn’t done … but wasn’t done for a different avatar?

    There’s a phrase for this, that rhymes with “Get a wife.”

    I too would love to see more things for the A2.0, especially an upgraded head. But you know what? It’ll happen when Util (not ABC) decides it would be fun to do. And thats fine.

    Me, I love the ABC clothes (even better than some of Util’s stuff – hah – take that!), the whole pack has been bought and now my Kemono-Mouse has a snazzy black school uniform top and jeans.

    Life is good.

    • Lilly says:

      It was a simple question with a yes or no answer, and to be honest, didn’t expect uti to answer, if he did, great, if not oh well, he does what he does, it was a simple question, no need to give me an asinine remark, when the question obviously wasn’t for you. Oh and the “Get A Life” phrase, you’re playing SL, why don’t YOU get a life instead of telling other people to get one, mmk?

  3. Nathalie says:

    It is stolen from Renderosity. But do not worry, the original creator will be informed about it.

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