– Current happenings –

Okay so heres a little status report on my current projects.

The attack on titans game is nearing completion, all of the assets are done on my part, all thats left now is to finish up scripting the scoring system and some misc stuff and it will be ready for testing.




aothouses dmg







The annie may high project has also progressed forward somewhat too, most of it is now textured, the main part of the building had to be remodeled a bit to relocate stairs and other things, you can see a test upload rezed out on my work platform.







And i finally started working on converting one of my old sculpted anime heads into an M3 mesh head, it will be a mature looking anime head, dont have much to show yet. (the head on the left is the old sculpted prim head)




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7 Responses to – Current happenings –

  1. Curiene says:

    WoW! Okay, even when you say you are being lazy that is so not the truth. Truly excited about the M3 head update and totally impressed with your other projects as well. Here’s hoping whatever Muse is whistling in your ear keeps at it. = ^.- =

  2. Axel says:

    Will the new head share the UVs with the M3 head? Or at least be close enough to use M3 mods? That’d be awesome as heck, but if not I hope it’s close enough that modders can convert it to work somehow. I’m really excited for it!

  3. Matteste Elton says:

    Really looking forward to the updated head.

  4. kon says:

    very impressive project

  5. Nicholas says:

    y’s that gate go all the way to the top of the wall – seems like it should open up enough to be fully open…
    Unless it’s some kind of guillotine?

  6. agirl3003 says:

    too bad we never enlisted you for grenadine hehe

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