– WIP M3 mature head –

Okay so heres some more progress on the new M3 head. Im done with all the modeling and almost done texturing.


Since this head will be more realistic and just different in general than the other 2 M3 heads, not everything made for the other 2 M3 heads will work. Originally i tried to make the eyelashes and eyebrows compatible with eyelash and eyebrow textures made for the other 2 heads, but by doing so, the result was rather ugly, and on top of that, half of the eyelashes made for the other M3 heads would look distorted and weird, so fuck it.

Things that will work are the eye textures, tears and blush textures. All the UVs and texture layouts will be done in pretty much the same way as the other 2 heads, with the exception of the eyebrows, the eyebrows on this head will move like on a real human head, instead of the traditional 3 different drawn positions. Also this head will use the same paint bucket appliers, so from now on, content creators will need to specify witch head their mods are made for, to avoid confusion.



All that remains now is to make all the face expressions and the rest of the skin tones.

BTW to make things clear, when i say other 2 M3 heads, i mean the original M3 anime head and the M3 kemono head.


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20 Responses to – WIP M3 mature head –

  1. Kon says:

    wow i really love it :) ps: there will be also all kind of effects of M3 head?

  2. Bridge Ogre says:

    2.0 facial expressions when

  3. Cyan says:

    I am hyper excited about this, you did a gorgeous job on the eyes.

  4. Noname says:

    This may be the best work you have ever done. No kiss ass intended

  5. Matteste Elton says:

    Looking fantastic so far.

  6. mm says:

    YES! This is just what I wanted. A more mature looking head for making sexy older lady type avatar yet works just like the m3 head with changing things.

  7. agirl3003 says:

    looking good! We need more variety with anime heads, while still having nice features =3 and it’s nice to have a mature head option ^^ I will totally use this!

  8. Pirii says:

    Uti you silver fox.~

  9. pennybunny says:

    Finally, i can stop being a child, i wonder how it looks on my male avatar

  10. Lil Delicioso says:

    Woooo! I am so excited! I am not sure if you remember me Uti, but I pleaded with you to animate the Venus head ages ago, cause even though the M3 heads have amazing facial expressions etc, I was always drawn back to my Venus head cause I just love it the most, and I still use it all the time now, even though all it does is blink! Well I know that this is a mesh version of the head Venus, so my prayers are finally coming true *smiles* . . . THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  11. Elie says:


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