– Surprise reveal of the new male M3 anime head –

Yes, this is what you all been waiting for, the M3 male anime head.



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10 Responses to – Surprise reveal of the new male M3 anime head –

  1. mynxlegend says:

    This is better than I could have ever imagined :¬)

  2. Lilly says:

    Nice April fools :D

  3. randellmiranda@gmail.com says:

    Funny April Fools joke ever xD Thank you very much for putting that male head up lols

  4. swordclan says:

    So Utilizator made a male head, eh? Wait… This head looks like how Gabe Newell’s face did when he found Hatred was taken off of Steam… Plus there’s a “3” in “M3″… Half-Life 3 confirmed!!!

  5. Noname says:

    i love the “mature” look. is it only going to have one expression? :( also when is it going to be released?

  6. Diana Silverspider says:

    Totally agree with Swordclan there, also a good point if you actually download the picture there, run it through PS magnify and enhance the eyes you could clearly see the triangle! Uti – Illuminati connection confirmed!

  7. D.C. says:

    Looks like an angry BritBong lol

  8. The Rock says:

    insta faped too sexy…

  9. swordclan says:

    Thinking on it, the model of the head itself would actually make for a pretty good male M3. I can see the chin and nose are slightly different from the Mature M3, too, so this might be a new model. Any chance this was a legit reveal with a hilarious texture thrown on?

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