– M3 Venus Anime Head –

The long awaited M3 Venus(Mature) Anime Head is here!

Things to note:

The regular M3 appliers will work with this but if the skin texture isnt created for this head specifically, it will be misaligned, eyes will work just fine tho.
Eyebrows and eyelashes made for the regular M3 or the Kemono M3 will be misaligned too so make sure the mods you are getting are made for this head specifically.


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25 Responses to – M3 Venus Anime Head –

  1. Kon says:

    Finally, the waiting was so long ^-^

  2. mothboy says:

    moth animations? fuck yeah, i love moths

  3. Mirabeth Lockhart says:

    looks lovely! Only thing is…I am not so sure I like the new set up for the eyebrows. Mainly because, it always bothered me that by default there is no ‘sad’ position..just…pushed up more. So I always made up for it with a texture to make it happen. But with it just bending one texture…I dont see how I can do it without having to make ALL the eyebrow states look sad =(

  4. WAI!!!!!!!

    I can finally make my non-chibi anime form hehehe

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  6. Is that S7 outfit able to fit a large bust 2.0 body now?

  7. jnaathra says:

    I can’t get the neck right on my avatar 2.0. I always end up with a bulge. Does anyone else have this issue?

  8. Cesar Marcus says:

    few questions: does it fit the regular sl body ? does it have a bad neck as people say on the comments at MP? I have the M3 head and love it. And when i found out that this head have male texures for it , I want to buy it – I have the – Mesh Male Base – is it compatable?

    • people who complain about the neck, have no idea how proportions and positioning works, it should fit the SL body but this is really not a male head and all the attempts to make it male that i have seen so far looks just bizzare.

  9. Mana Tachikawa says:

    This works well with the 2.0? Not much in the line of comparability problem? What about skins?

  10. Jenny Gee says:

    Well, I might be late to the party, but I just got this head (and one for a friend) and I absolutely love it!

    There are only two things that I have found that with this head that are a shame:

    I slightly expected the head to “sync” with the body when attached to Avatar 2.0 body and change the face’s skin texture when changing skin tones through the Avatar 2.0 hud. Similarly change texture when attached to Kemono bodies. Luckily, the default skin tone is the same as I generally use on the 2.0 body.

    The M3 head that came with the 2.0 body has a nice HUD to simply change the eye color and texture of the eyes. No such thing seems to come with the Venus head.

  11. Ita says:

    Hi i have a question, recently i made a brows in Ps, and i up the texture in sl, and i put the texture in the applier texture but the eyebrow dont take the form o the brow :S and i dont know hoy to fix it.. i use the template of the eyebrows in the bonus items and dont work.

  12. I was curious if there is a .dae or .obj included in the packs for development? I’d like to make mesh heads in different styles that work with the M3 system, but I wasn’t sure if that was a thing you, as a creator, would be comfortable with.

    • I haven’t released any development dummies of that, how do you plan on making this work with the m3 system? you would need all the same face orders and link numbers and link names and everything for it to work, at this point it would be easier to make your own system.

      • Frankly, I hadn’t looked into the M3 system more than thinking about the development kits. I’ve a few friends who have purchased the bodies and such that really enjoy them. If content creation for the M3 system is really this complicated as you say, then I’d rather forgo working with it in its entirety. Your deterrent is enought to convince me.

      • the M3 heads are soon to be things at the past now that we have bento, it will be a lot easier to develop for bento anime heads

  13. Maya says:

    I really like the Venus m3 Head. i want to use it for the A2 body but there are cracks in the neck / head interface.. are there any ways to fix this? Thanx for the great work… I’m using this to create an avatar that looks like me in RL. Most of the other mesh avatars are far to Voluptuous and white girl to be me. This is really Great Thanx!

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