– A nice start –

This is so great, when i was doing the skins for the new Venus head, i wondered if people will mod of this head like they did with the normal M3 and can this head be turned into something great. And as soon as it got released, modders pounced on it, there were day 1 mods created within 2 hours of its release.


Nothing makes me more happy than to see peoples creativity and what they can turn my products into, i love the modding community and all the amazing things they do on sl.




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3 Responses to – A nice start –

  1. Megano Hashimoto says:

    Well this is because you are the best avatar creator in SL to date. And to top it, you also give resources and tutorials. What’s not to love about it? Anybody who takes your advice when creating and jumps into the modding bandwagon with your stuff has a good chance to make FAT profits. :3

  2. Ludicidy says:

    Lmao I came here to grab some skins and my mug is the first thing I see.
    I’m famous thx

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