– WIP – Avatar 2.0 face expressions –

Okay so, finally have something to show, this is what i have been working on lately, the Avatar 2.0 face expressions, mouth animation, blink and all that stuff.


This is such a terrible mesh to work with, the polygon count is really low so i had to increase it in certain places for the expressions not to look choppy, and still some expressions just dont look good. I also still need to work some more around the eyes to be able to close them without stretching the textures. The biggest limitation is keeping it compatible with all the skin mods for this avatar, i havent yet figured out what to do with the eyes and some of the mouth expressions.

Anyway, this head is going to use the M3 system but a light version of it, since the head uses linden eyes, it will also lack some other stuff that only really work on an anime style head. There will also be optional rigged mesh eyes that you can attach and load M3 eye textures onto, you will be able to use the eyes with your LL avatar head or any other head that supports LL avatar eyes.

The price of the avatar 2.0 will increase by 100L after this update is live so anyone who hasnt got yours yet, better do it now, although there is no hurry really because this update will take forever to do.


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14 Responses to – WIP – Avatar 2.0 face expressions –

  1. Mirabeth Lockhart says:

    Oooh nice! Finally! This is gonna be cool ^^

  2. thesarali says:

    Woo! Please keep working on it. Thank you! We need more human head options in SL. Especially well made ones.

  3. Jala says:

    ~squealz~ YAY! (insert happy dance) I have been waiting a long time for this update. As far as backwards compatibility, I appreciate you trying to do that. However, if the skin has to change to make it work, it has to change and most modders will update their skins much like they did for the additional boob sizes. Progress always comes with a price and this is still a beta project.

  4. Masato Anabuki says:

    Nice to see it’s being worked on. I can see why it’s so much work though with the need to upgrade the head.

  5. Lilly says:

    Omg, can’t wait for this! I will be able to finally use the 2.0 head without hating it cause lack of moving parts x.x

  6. wisemagus says:

    Wow, totally unexpected for me! I agree with Jala, totally grateful for your effort, but I won’t mind updating or purchasing new skins to get a higher quality. Prefer something that is up to your usual quality than sacrificing for the sake of “legacy” skins. Just my opinion though and we know the saying… :)

    • Lilly says:

      Honestly, he could just plop the Venus head on the body and it’d look great xD The Venus head already fits the body really well, and due to some of my old skins and I have no way of updating them since I didn’t make them nor do I have the appropriate skillset to update them, I’m gonna be stuck using the old body. Oh well, at least my human will be getting the update x3

  7. kottenhayd says:

    I hope mouth texture is separately.

  8. Hikiera says:

    i can say yay i been waiting for the 2.0 to blink and close eyes forever. I usually use fate mesh eyes on it. will the blinking be able to work over those?

  9. Axel says:

    Having M3+ compatible human eyes sounds cool! Here’s hoping for unrigged ones too, I’d love to use some M3 eyes on furry heads.

  10. The Unstoppable Force says:

    Is there an ETA on when the update might be launched?
    I realize the work going into it takes time and map matching, only curious.

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