– WIP Rikugou armors 4 –

Just dicking around with colors while waiting for my food to be done


– WIP Rikugou armors 3 –

Okay, finally have something to show for the other 2 armors


– WIP Rikugou weapons 2 –

More screenshots.

main gun

Had to ditch the shoulder cannon cuz Rikugou just doesnt have enough shoulder width to fit it and make it look right


– WIP Rikugou weapons –

These are the weapons for the gundam armor


– WIP Rikugou armors –

I ran into some roadblocks with the design and was stuck on it for some time, there were a bunch of design elements that looked good on their own but didn’t match each others style, so i split them up into 3 different projects. Theres going to be 3 armors in total, the first one of them, the heavy (gundam armor) is almost done.


The other 2 are not much to show yet but hopefully i will have something to show soonish.

-My Flickr and SoundCloud pages –

For some reason it never occurred to me to post links to these pages before so here you go.

Check out my flr Flickr page If you are interested to see what else i do on SL apart from getting paid, getting laid and getting banned from random furry sims for being a “cyber terrorist”.

Check my image SoundCloud likes if you are looking for something new to listen to, some of the stuff there is really worth a listen or two.

– Goodbye Advanced Warfare –

It’s just a few days remaining till BO3 so its time to wrap things up with AW.