– WIP Rikugou weapons 2 –

More screenshots.

main gun

Had to ditch the shoulder cannon cuz Rikugou just doesnt have enough shoulder width to fit it and make it look right



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9 Responses to – WIP Rikugou weapons 2 –

  1. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Oh, shame about the shoulder cannon. From the looks of things it looked like it would be attached to the backpack and then fold over the shoulder when in use, kinda like Gundam Throne Eins. But gotta say that I love how that beam bazooka turned out.

  2. AlexZBLackSheep says:

    hmm, if I could make a suggestion for the shoulder cannon. In Iron man 2 WarMachine’s suit had the minigun mounted to an arm attached to his back, rather than to his shoulder. That would help you get past the narrow shoulders issue.

    • i wasnt going to attach it to the shoulder, it was always ment to be attached to the back, the problem is tht the shoulders are too narrow for the cannon to go over the shoulder and not clip with the head

  3. Beverly Salming says:

    Have you thought of doing the shoulder cannons at an angle? It might mean an adjustment in the chestpiece shape, but it might be of some use.

  4. eksynn says:

    ahh i really hope this gets adapted to the kemono eventually xD and yes i know “it’s for the rikugou”… but plenty of other things were adapted too =[

  5. How about a backpack mount with an arm that brings the cannon up along the bottom of her arm? Basically put the trigger on top, and run the cannon parallel to her arm, instead of over the shoulder.

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