– WIP Rikugou armors 4 –

Just dicking around with colors while waiting for my food to be done



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6 Responses to – WIP Rikugou armors 4 –

  1. The Unstoppable Force says:

    Very Nice looking additions for this body so far, Awesome sauce!

  2. Gearhead Gaffer says:

    Loving all the new designs.

  3. Whiskey says:

    I’m really excited for this particular set of armor, I’m saving up to get it the moment I hear about it’s release! :D

  4. The Unstoppable Force says:

    very awesome work, we are rooting for ya! great job so far it looks amazing!

  5. Tuskegee Ace says:

    Is there any window on when we might be seeing this particular set? Too excited to get my hands on it.

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