– M3 specular map applier –

I made this little tool that will hopefully make applying speculars onto the M3 head not such a huge pain in the ass.
This script is made for stock [M3+] – Head (v.1.12.15) so if you have anything else than this, you will need to figure out the link and face numbers and replace them in the script if you want to use this with any other version of the head, or the venus head or the kemono body or whatever else.

Get it here: http://pastebin.com/1nDcA6p2

So if you happens to be using a different version of the head, heres how you figure all that stuff out:

Rez a copy of the head on the ground, delete all the scripts inside than set the entire thing to 0 transparency to see all of its parts.
Mark the “edit linked” checkbox, select every piece of the head and pull it aside.

If you go to the general tab in the build menu, you will see the names of every prim, select each prim with “edit linked” on and see what the link number is for that prim.

link number

Choose the “Select Face” option in the build menu and click on the surfaces you will want the script to apply speculars on to see their face number.


Change all these values in the script (all the face expression prims have the same values for faces)


To use the script, edit it and paste your UUID, enter your glossy and specular color values, save it and drop it in the head. Click on the head, a menu will come up with apply and delete options.
The delete option will delete the script from the head for you when you are done with it. (i dont know if its just something up with my client or the delete command being half broken, it deletes the script but you can still see it in the prim contents, if you try to open it, you will get an error saying the script doesnt exist and you need to manually delete it to get rid of it, so that kinda kills the point of the delete command.)

on a side note, you can get all kinds of specular maps from a simple google image search for skin specular maps, (look for tiling maps).
Most of the time for the speculars to look right, you need 10×10 repeats for the heads, 20×20 repeats for the avatar 2.0 body and 20×10 for the kemono body (cuz the UV is 512×1024)


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7 Responses to – M3 specular map applier –

  1. Cinderite says:

    First! Also Nito!

  2. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    This will seriously help to keep quite a few headaches at bay.

  3. The Unstoppable Force says:

    Awesome sauce!

    I did a manual gloss map on the Av 2.0 and Kemono, would be a good feature if It was able to added to the HUD Interface as an update option for those who wanted a more “wet skin” look.

  4. Qaus says:

    Any plans on making this for your other stuff? And maybe another version for normals?

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