– More new stuff from ABC –

ABC has made a bunch of new things for the kemono avatar.

The kemono chest mods.

2 new clothing items to go along with the male torso.

Rez your update cards for all the ABC tops because the new bouncy boobs are already compatible with all the ABC tops.



The boobs are fitted mesh, meaning they can be sized and also work with second life boob physics!

The male torso also comes with a muscle tone material applier hud thing witch adds muscle definition that is compatible with any kemono skin.



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7 Responses to – More new stuff from ABC –

  1. Hayabusa says:

    Not bad if I didn’t already have the fitted torso. No need for just plain breast mods anymore

  2. Zazi says:

    No ab option for the female torso?

  3. Nejalea says:

    Finally got to play with these and have to say well done. Like them for my human Kemono better than the fitted torso since I can still wear all the bottoms I have. I also have the fitted torso but that body seems to fit better with the animal version of the Kemono since there is a small gap in the leg between the meshes when you wear it with human legs. Plus I don’t increase butt size so good with just the jiggly bits up top. Thank you ABC.

    • Teagan says:

      You can fix that by clicking on animal option then back to human legs. I had the same glitch. Also there is instructions in the folder that helps you fix this problem.

  4. thesarali says:

    So why didn’t you make the Kemono fitted from the beginning? Given this release and the one here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fitted-Kemono-Torso/8351902
    It seems like it’s quite possible to do and have the boobs still look good, in fact.

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