– People that cant take a NO –

Some 2004 looking gay furry dragon wolf cams my friend who is changing her outfit, shoots her an IM, gets rejected, goes super saiyan.

[06:14] Zero (hikura.zero) bends you over and cups your pussy rubbing. ” Mm nice “
[06:18] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): First rule to personal space. there is no such thing as an invitation to touching.
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): There is in sl when you don’t wear stuff to cover it
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): Naughty sub
[06:18] Zero (hikura.zero): But if you want to be boring and offensive okay
[06:19] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Try and be a charmer. Tends to work a little better.

[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): This is a game you moron
[06:21] Zero (hikura.zero): If you can’t accept that go get mental help.
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): Nothing is ever just a game when you don’t want bothered. But i suppose ill just be direct will just say no thanks Im not interested in any advances or sexual exchanges regardless of my appearance
[06:23] Zero (hikura.zero): Yeah yeah whatever you two faced slut
[06:23] Miko No Pants (miko.molinari): now you’re just being nasty with accusations
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): Says you who wears no pants or panties
[06:24] Zero (hikura.zero): fuck off you creep, Just bait so you can be rude to people huh


4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh hey
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: they tried to flirt with me when i was on my alt
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: and like
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: he did this whole dom thing where he just kept touching me and wouldnt leave me alone even though i told him i was eating
4:42 PM – ★ Cupcake: so i blocked him

4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: oh right on the next day he comes by (still blocked)
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: he comes with a slave next to him or something
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: and just stands in front of me while im on the swings
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: all i do is attach a giant penis between my legs and he walks away
4:45 PM – ★ Cupcake: men are so fun sometimes


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10 Responses to – People that cant take a NO –

  1. savage says:

    Reminds me of all the people I encounter who assume video game nudity is an open invitation to display behavior that would be very rapey IRL.

  2. yumipepper says:

    What a douche bag!

  3. ZenroZephon says:

    In SL, I tend to be nude nearly all the time if sim rating/shop rules allow for it. I have had my share of times where jerkoffs pop out of the woodworks trying to act all dommy and crap doing stuff that counts as rape in real life. While being a herm tends to scare off most jerkoffs before they bug me, a lot still do cause in their tiny minds anything with boobs are subs and must be forced to be under their rule. I just mute and derender those ones, but it still sad how those ones act like everyone on SL is their play thing and nothing more.

  4. Meow spore says:

    That’s awesome! I thought I recognized his name. So looked it up in chat logs. Very similar experience written down there.

  5. Starrik Kyrubui (Needles.Resident) says:

    I just encountered this jerkoff tonight:

    [01:53] Zero (hikura.zero) squeezes your nipples
    [02:01] Starrik Kyrubui (needles) stares at them like they are crazy.
    [02:02] Zero (hikura.zero) bends you over and roughly stuffs his huge cock into your tight pussy
    [02:02] Starrik Kyrubui (needles) takes out a knife, slicing your dick in half, “No.”
    [02:04] Zero (hikura.zero) knocks it away and pins your hands behind you
    [02:04] Zero (hikura.zero): No yourself.
    [02:04] Starrik Kyrubui (needles): I am REALLY not your type bitch. Fucking stop.
    [02:04] Zero (hikura.zero): Meaning you’re what?
    [02:04] Starrik Kyrubui (needles): I. AM. A. LESBIAN
    [02:05] Starrik Kyrubui (needles): I even have a wife.
    [02:05] Zero (hikura.zero) stuffs a ballgag into your mouth and cuffs your hands. ” a pussy is meant to be used ” pumps his huge cock in harder.
    [02:06] Starrik Kyrubui (needles): Welcome to my block list mother fucker. If you need to force people, even in RP, it must mean you are a fucking piece of shit individual. Fuck you and respect when people say FUCKING STOP!

  6. Tenao Infinity says:

    OMFG this asshole again i swear he doesn’t quit
    this guy been banned from 3 sim already for the same bullshit

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