– RIP Skills Hak –

So as many of you who arent living under a rock, have already heard that Skills got perma banned again and looks like its for real this time. Here’s her blog post about it.


I find it kind of a pants on head retarded move by LL to ban someone who sinks so much money into their dieing game, someone who runs a place that they use to promote their dieing game, someone helps them fix their dieing game. GG linden lab.

Anyway, Skills was always surrounded by controversy, hated by many little dicked gingers, copybotters, safe hub memester trolls  and wanna be grieffer youtube stars, for basically nothing more than not bending over backwards to these people and taking it up the ass, But none of them took the time to get to know the real Skills Hak and her contribution to the game.
Skills is a great friend and we had some good times together, especially when we moved to cumboy canyon (later named poop cuz lindens dont like cum). Skills gave us a fantasy land of our own where we could all gather to circle jerk and let out creativity flow free, cumming up with hilarious sim build ideas, new creative ways to kill clueless memesters wandering the sim, create whatever we wanted. We had a blast with all those sim builds and none of that would have been possible without Skills. You say you want to be a mommy now, but you always were our mommy <3

This ban means those fun days are now over, we will miss it but life goes on, and maybe theres some more good times to be had ahead, who knows, but i feel too tired to invest any more of my time and effort into playing this game and building something, especially when it all can just be taken away from you like that whenever LL pleases.

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15 Responses to – RIP Skills Hak –

  1. Jessica says:

    Is this about avatar physics? What’s a cumboy?

  2. im cumboy says:

    im cumboy

  3. Beverly Salming says:

    Aw come on, Util. You have a LOT to look forward to regardless of what you look back at. The Rikugou and Av 2.0 will still find use. You have an empire, don’t let it fall cause one stone was stolen from your castle.

  4. Alex says:

    You are concerned about what can get you banned.
    I can’t teleport to cumboy canyon why?

  5. Clairose says:

    I must say, it’s saddening to watch LL slowly strangle creator after creator, artist after artist. It’s like Linden labs has nothing but disdain and contempt for it’s own product and hates what they make their money from, or more likely, looks down on it so hard they drill it into the floor. It’s funny when all they need to do to make the game move onward and make tons of money is to simply keep making new tools and refining the ones currently held and the users of the game will continue to make the attractions that make the game popular and continue in turn to make products that people trade in real cash for fake cash to attain.

    It’s sort of like building a huge white wall and supplying paint and brushes then charging people money to look at the wall. All you do is make a canvas, let people paint on it, and in turn people throw money at you so they might look upon the wonders that others create with those brushes and paint. Why would you then gun down the artists who generate all your money?

    People will always whine, bitch and complain, but then true art is always spoken of with hatred before it is best loved. Van goth was hated in his lifetime and is now held as one of the most loved artists of all time. Must all who create be hated till it’s too late to love them?

    I know even you Uti have terrible things said about you behind your back and i won’t repeat them publicly for to do so gives such words more validity and attention then they deserve. But I’ll say this, don’t let others rip you apart. I hope you’ll continue to build for however long it takes LL to ruin itself. All things must end, all people die, but you don’t have to stop living before your life ends and you don’t have to stop painting before your brush is burned away.

    I might never paint a single picture, write a single decent line of code or sculpt a single cube, but I hope despite my words never being worthy of a publisher, they find a way to bring you some small bit of hope or comfort, particularly with how nice and attentive you’ve been to every question I’ve thrown at you over the years assuming you remember any of them in your busy life. and even if it’s only from a quite buyer of nearly everything you’ve ever made, please know some of us hope you’ll never stop creating.

  6. aaaaa says:

    insilico was made out of ripped assets.. i think her ban is pretty justified

    • a few ripped game models and textures here and there (if there were any) doesn’t justify a ban, only the standard content removal and warning procedure by LL after a DMCA was filled by the actual copyright holder. Furthermore, no profit is being made of insilico, the little money it makes from store rentals goes to paying for the sim (witch isnt enough alone to pay for the costs of running 4 full size sims)

      • bbbbb says:

        “a few ripped game models and textures here and there (if there were any)”
        Insiliso is saturated in rips most of the interesting things in the sims are rips from xcom and other games which this blog points out http://tinyurl.com/h92r93g , but being fair the people who have been taking care of the sims for the past many years are more to blame.

        She was banned for repeated doxing of people and griefing which is on her own blog, having a viewer with griefing and copybotting abilities also probably had something to do with it. It is fine to mourn a friend I am sure she was a good to her own people, but don’t pretend she didn’t have it coming. It was very justified.

  7. Bonk Oh says:

    Hey Skills, gunna miss ya!! luv Pizza Table

  8. Mr Jones says:

    Dam I just got banned and lost the car Skills gave me way back — heartbroken

    Skills got off light! They accused me of impersonating a Linden! I’ve been in the shower scrubbing my skin for hours trying to decontaminate! More creative content gone.

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