– To clear things up –

I should have made myself more clear in the last post and people started reading too much into it and panicking. Im not leaving SL, i wont stop making new things and updating stuff, all i was trying to say is that i wont be feeling as enthusiastic about it and wont play sl as much on my free time as i used to. I dont wanna put all my heart into something that can be just wiped out by  LL on a whim, like the walmart sim build we were working on at poop.


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4 Responses to – To clear things up –

  1. Loli pop says:

    I don’t blame you for feeling that way. It’s hard to be driven to create or even play in this game when LL likes to fuck shit up.

  2. Zazi says:

    Don’t blame you at all for feeling such to, I’ve been trying and kicking around ideas in my head for ages and have only recently reallly started to try and find away to get them from ideas/concepts into something more which includes hope of them in SL.. but with how SL is going these days and how LL has been of late I have this “whats the point” whisper to my ear.. if LL could Nuke SL or make it obsolete with w/e “new” version of it the rumor mill says they are working on.. and while its always been in the TOS I quite dislike how they can use w/e they want from anyone for anything with out much of any two way streetness to it beyond, if your lucky, a citation that its your IP/Work in fine print somewhere.

  3. William Brad says:

    Please fucking leave dude.
    Nobody likes you.

    • Zazi says:

      Wow salty much William? How bout you go find a hole to crawl in cuz contrary to your thinking majority of those who buy the products Uti puts out rather “like” him as a creator.

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