– wip rikugou armors and stuff –

OKAY so, the modeling on both armors is done, now all that’s left is texturing and animations, and i finally got something good to show too!


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12 Responses to – wip rikugou armors and stuff –

  1. Matteste says:

    Ok, excuse my choice of words but, GOOD MOTHER OF GOD! You’ve really outdone yourself this time.

    • haha thanks, glad you like it

    • wisemagus says:

      Matteste, you ninja. How dare you say a week ago exactly what is going through my mind now? :) Saw this and first thing I thought was “HOLY this is how BGC should look as a modern remake”.

      • Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

        Actually this reminds me more of Raiden’s design from Metal Gear Rising. I don’t quite understand how people can see BGC in this. As far as I know, “Kojima Industries” at Farlight offers stuff that is more similar to BGC.

      • I can totally see the BGC thing, mostly because of the helmet and backpack

  2. Gear says:

    Me Gusta

  3. owlet says:

    Hot damn looking good!

  4. Nyani "Skittles" Koyo says:

    Not only looks damn nice, but reminds me of a BGC hardsuit too, which is not a bad thing at all since they were sexy and cool too.

  5. Clairose says:

    That looks like awesomesause. I’m looking forward to it’s release

  6. Sage Leo says:

    Kawaiiii <3 Imma buy soon as this is out. Been drooling on Riko way too long to hold this sexiness.

  7. Narbonic says:

    Will we see a helmet/jawline designed to fit the Venus and Slim Venus heads?

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