– WIP – gundam armor almost done –

Ladies and germans, work on the new rikugou armors is nearing completion and i finally have something to show.


Now all thats left to do is creating animations for it and scripting it. More pics coming soon once i upload this stuff to SL.

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8 Responses to – WIP – gundam armor almost done –

  1. Vixi Helix says:

    Hyped ^^

  2. eksynn says:

    superhyped ^^
    you think the unrigged version’s gonna fit the kemono (+chest mods, like rei’s)?

  3. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    Was actually getting both a little worried and a little impatient over the fact that we hadn’t heard anything new on this after so long despite it being implied it was close to completion in the last post.

    As for the armor itself, the extra details seem to really help bring out the whole “heavy” and militaristic theme of this armor, perhaps to the point that I wont mind the lack of the shoulder cannon.

  4. Narbonic says:

    any upcoming clothing planned for Riku to mix with partial armor on the Lite torso?

  5. Jiala says:

    Must… have… those… Boots… *-* *tosses money at the screen*

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