– WIP gundam armor stuff –

All the animations are pretty much done, all that’s left now is the scripting part.

here’s a work in progress demonstration of the gun, the battery change aniamtion still needs work.

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11 Responses to – WIP gundam armor stuff –

  1. Vixi Helix says:

    I totally forgot there were weapons coming too. Are the projectiles just going to be physical bullets?

  2. Stellar Yuki says:

    Will the other armors i see be all released with this on in one package or separate?

  3. Zade says:

    this looks and sounds great, i want to know what other beauties you have planed for the other armour suits

  4. oh, well the predator armor wont have weapons, the third armor that imma finish later will have a beam sword gun thing similair to temjin only it will be full auto and the sword will be plasma, will also shoot homing rockets.

  5. tbh I kinda expected the gun to be charge based/semi auto, due to the design and what it’s based on.

    Still, looks great and hoping for another set to add to my armors

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