– WIP kemono bento implementation –

So yeah bento is now part of the official firestorm release and the bento development tools are nearing completion so i started poking at it myself and heres what i got so far.

My goal is to make full use of the bento bones for avatar 2.0 and kemono to drastically cut down on the rendering weight, first im going to make use of the finger and tail bones so that we wouldnt need to use 89475984 invisible tails and hands, one will be enough! and than will see what i can do with the avatar 2.0 face. I might also re release bento versions of the M3 heads since those have a 9384658347598 polygons too that also eat up a lot of the render complexity thing but im not sure how well those rigged heads will align with different avatars since you wont be able to move them around anymore.


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38 Responses to – WIP kemono bento implementation –

  1. Ravesn says:

    Glad to see progress is being made! Looking forward to when this is finally done.

  2. Kiyo says:

    Fabulous! Are you also going to make them fitted mesh or is this update just for the fingers and facial expressions?

  3. -It's_just_me- says:


    question but I have seen creators add “states” to the crotch with other anime bodies and even addons for kemono but they all do the linked prim thing and none of the solutions are really perfect.

    is it possible bones could also be added to the crotch to give “states”? and any chance of it happening officially for kemono?

    also I already own a bunch of stuff from the store (some of it twice) and honestly wouldn’t mind paying again for a fitted bento kemono to do away with the overcomplicated frankenstine of overlapping alpha out body part mods for a single elegant solution, any chance of this happening too?

    happy holidays

  4. Alyssa Jeter says:

    Oh my god ,This is amazing!

  5. Asami says:

    Really looking forward to a 2.0 with better/more facial expressions! As for M3, since you usually keep older versions in the box anyway just have an old/unrigged one and a new/rigged one for people who mostly use it in the default position. I see some people put them in absolutely absurd positions that don’t look right anyway, might help lol. Might also be awesome for the rigged versions to include neck blenders that match the Kemono and 2.0 bodies so the necks can be seamless. Can’t imagine it would take more than a hot second once everything is rigged up and in place. :D

  6. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    I for one is really looking forward to the possibility of Bento M3 / M3V heads since not only would it cut down on render stuff but maybe also have the possibility to more expressions. Also, if rigged it might make things made for them more common now that they have a common mold to follow. That last part might be wishful thinking on my part though.

  7. Zazi says:

    Really enjoy using my M3V with my Kemono body.
    The hands look awesome though I’d wonder how they would then work with other items, like I enjoy the “gun” grip/grab the current hands have, most grips done via animation (pre-bento) are pretty odd looking.

  8. Therms says:

    Glorious! Absolutely glorious! \o/ Been wanting rigged hands since I started SL- they’re finally here AND my favorite avatar is being updated to make use of them! Best Christmas! WOO!

  9. Nyan Koyo says:

    I love the progress, and look forward to the finished work, I would suggest that on the M3 series heads the inclusion of a neck would be good, similar to other makers have this would allow the heads use on other bodies like Maitreya (I have already seen skin matching for this combination) giving a wider market, and allowing for the rigged immobility.

  10. Sav says:

    Are those custom animations or animations that can be bought, because I’ve been dying to find animations like those D:

  11. Narbonic says:

    Could we see Bento support for the various hands on the Rikugou armors, too?

  12. wisemagus says:

    Wow, thank you Uti. That was pretty fast and looks great. Looking forward to it as always!

  13. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    How long until it ll be done?

  14. PudimExtreme says:

    The Anime Head will also updated for free or will need to buy too?

  15. niihsan says:

    I need so bad a bento version from Venus!

  16. Yumi says:

    Any plans for a new fitted mesh bento anime body :3?

  17. timmy says:

    This planned update is absolutly glorius to me!
    I am a fan of my beloved AV2.0 and I was afarid of my always high rendering cost….even when nude LOL

    BTW I never really understood why. EVen with multiple head and hand pose my guess is the poly count is anyway low compared to oter bodies.

    For example my alt’s Maitreya is by far much high as poly count but its rendering cost is half than mine. Can you help understand this? Maybe polycount (replacing separate meshes with bento rigging of a single mesh) is not the only area where things can be worked on?

    Last but not least please can you clarify if these upgrades will be available as updates to current owners or as a new sale? For each item: kemono, av2, M3V, M3A?

    I am in the process to create more alts for potography/achinima, thus wish to evaluate the opportunity to buy now or wait for.
    Thank you and keep on with your great work

    • other bodies use an exploit to go around the render weight thing, im not sure if i will be updating the m3 heads but the things that are getting bento updates right now are the av2 hands and face, kemono hands and tail

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