– Bento update now live –


Rez your update cards cuz the following items are now bento compatible.

The avatar 2.0 now uses bento finger bones, to use other bento hand animations, set the hands to neutral position through the hud.
Kemono now uses bento finger and tail bones, for hand animations its the same deal as avatar 2.0, i have not tested the tail with other bento tail animations so i cant guarantee it wont look wonky, since i only rigged the tail to deform right using kemono tail animations.

The O.CA armor hands for avatar 2.0 and kemono and the modular arm glove kit for avatar 2.0 will work with this update too.

Also, haro is working on fingernails for kemono bento hands so keep an eye on their store.



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17 Responses to – Bento update now live –

  1. Annalena says:

    thank you very much for your work and the release!! :)

  2. q says:

    will there be any bento dummies soon?

  3. Hana says:

    Thanks Uti!

  4. Nya says:

    Right hand glove keeps clipping, shoulders keep popping from the kemono deformer bugging out. Unsure why. Otherwise good update, thank you.

    • Kourtnee says:

      Greetings, I have just looked into the “deformer bugging out”. Fortunately, it isn’t actually bugging out. The deformer is “fixing” itself automatically.

      I ran some tests and it appears that if you attach/detach {anything}, the deformer animation is being stopped. I’d venture a guess this has something to do with the bento hands (joint positions?).

  5. Nejalea says:

    Awesome update. Thanks! **tosses confetti**

  6. wow! that’s amazing! I looooove it! now I can buy bento dances

    it only needs bouncy boobies and compatible slink feet and will be the perfection in earth <3

  7. Intelliraptor says:

    The shoulders popping bug also mangles the bento fingers, need a deformer that also moves the bento fingers into place. Hope it will be fixed soon! ^^

  8. nyanrose says:

    just wanted to say, awesome job. This is really cool and I am so glad that I can use bneto hadns with my kemono body!

  9. Tez Yohkoh says:

    Nice work, any chance of adding fitmesh rigging for Breasts, Butt & Belly eventually? And thanks for making it Mod/Copy so we can drop scripts in to customise :)

  10. tempest1408 says:

    I’m a newcomer and I absolutely adore the kemono body with the M3 head! They are super cute and I think it’s adorable that the little fingers move! <3 I use a bento AO with it and it works perfectly. Looking forward to other updates/creations!

  11. Mikey Vulpix says:

    I hope the kemono head gets the bento treatment as well

  12. gamma23 says:

    what if i bought the kemono before do i have to rebuy it?

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