– Some bug fixes –

Fixed the clipping right glove and the right O.CA armor glove for Kemono.
Fixed a bug in the Avatar 2.0 and Kemono HUDSs that caused custom textures added through the HUD to load in other people’s HUDs (this bug did not effect appliers)
Fixed the mixed up hand position icons in the HUD

There’s also a fix for the avatar 2.0 and kemono stockings and kneesocks pack for a stack heap collision error.


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5 Responses to – Some bug fixes –

  1. asamiimako says:

    Did you also get the whole “Stockings don’t work with the updated autohide code” bug fixed?

  2. Hana says:

    Are these fixes in SL yet? I updated my Kemono, a few hours ago and got this.

    • Kourtnee says:

      Need more information on what is going on in this image. Could you send me (Kourtnee Kupfer) a notecard with details and what you’re wearing and what you’re doing to cause error? Specifics help.

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