– Avatar 2.0 and Kemono bento dummies –

Was going to wait till the bento version of Avastar gets all the bugs worked out (like ruining your rigs) and goes out of beta to release proper dummies but it doesnt look like thats going to ever happen and people just cant keep their pants on, nagging me to release the dummies, so here they are.

Kemono bento dummy http://www.mediafire.com/file/977xf08xuwvwn9u/Kemono+Dummy+bento.zip

Avatar 2.0 bento dummy http://www.mediafire.com/file/0cahr6jhngzd20f/av2+bento+dummy.zip


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7 Responses to – Avatar 2.0 and Kemono bento dummies –

  1. Alyssa Brightstar says:

    Why i see whole blue on this when it in edit mode?
    edit mode – https://gyazo.com/343478fb6b2fceedeff61e72b085a98d
    when i change back to object mode it normal
    object mode – https://gyazo.com/271eb0781939243de23b5b3333d2d440

  2. DS says:

    Is it possible to make hand animations for the Kemono with this in avastar, or is this more intended for making gloves, etc?

  3. Taboo16 says:

    Hello, hmm i tried to do a hands http://prntscr.com/enct6s and when i will upload it it says this: http://prntscr.com/enctdc please help me…

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