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  1. Nejalea says:

    Runs around clapping and screaming before remembering she has neighbors….*ahem* That is truly amazing. This update will truly be epic. Hopefully it’ll get more skin designers interested in 2.0 again. *Woot Woot* ^_^ Is that a new skin as well? It seems smoother, very nice.

    Thanks in advance for the Avatar 2.0 Love!!

  2. dsa says:

    Thank you for not giving up on the 2.0! Ever since it came out, it’s been my favorite mesh body and have always hated it didn’t get more love then what it did XD Hopefully with the new update more people will start making skins and clothes for it again T.T

  3. Savage says:


  4. Zazi says:

    Thats amazing, are you gonna keep the uvmap the same as current avi2.0 or shift it to a layout that would allow applier skin from companies that offer that er.. think its called Omega or w/e?

  5. eslara@live.nl says:

    i have many meshbodies, avatar 2.0 is still my number one; this is great news

  6. bronislav84 says:

    Is that a hint of bento I see in the head? You’re working on the new heads at the same time? if so that looks like you’re swamped…….

  7. .y says:

    avatar 2.0 should become fitted mesh

    • bronislav84 says:

      I personally didn’t know it wasn’t, but do you know how many clothes that would break? All of them. Kemono already has a bit of a fragmented nodding scene with fitted mesh chest mods and not all designer’s clothing fitting everything. It does look like there will be a bit (more?) of fit though, so some clothes will probably either not work or require going down to older proportions to wear properly

      • Zazi says:

        I.. can’t tell as I’ve not done any rigging or such things myself and am probably the noob of noobs when comes to attempting 3d modeling stuff.. but from the video.. it rather seems as if the body is being given a fitted update.. I mean Uti moves sliders on the left side that are labeled the same as ones in SL for shape changes and it affects the visual mesh shown so.. if that isn’t a demonstration of fitted mesh.. I’d be curious as to what is.

      • yeah its fitted mesh

      • im currently in process of converting all the avatar 2.0 clothes to fitted mesh version, otehr than my own stuff, not many people ever made anything for it so theres nothing really to break and im sure people that did make stuff will convert their’s over too

  8. Zayin (Matteste Elton) says:

    While I am still holding out for Rikugou and the heads to get Bento functionality, this is still a big thing in my eyes since it will make the body fit better for different shapes since before it could look odd with some shapes.

  9. Denner says:

    Will this be an actual update, or will this be a upgrade to purchase?

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