– Rikugou body part mods –

Shadoskill has created a few body part mods for rikugou such as flat chest, huge bouncy fitted mesh (whoops i misunderstood it) boobies

and a functional vagina that is also compatible with avatar 2.0.

Visit her store for more stuff.

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7 Responses to – Rikugou body part mods –

  1. rip says:

    not fit mesh

  2. Anii says:

    market text says “flat chest” but the pictures call it “male chest” can it be used as a decent female flat chest? also does it remove any baked boob shadows for the Riku default skins?

    also will the avatar 2.0 girl parts be updated to fitted when 2.0 is?

    Thanks :3

    • shadoskill says:

      I will try my hardest to update the vagu when the body does update.
      As for the male chest its more of small pecs you prolly could use it for flat chest female.

  3. foxxxy says:

    asking for me and a friend, will any of the riku hands get wiggly fingers ? (even if its only through a future armor set)


  4. Lapn says:

    Ahhh, it’s so perfect :D I love it. If you ever decide to make updates for say, the Riku armors or the plugsuit / swimsuit to fit this larger chest I will happily spend more L$ to rebuy everything I have again.

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