– Avatar 2.0 v1.14 is out! –

This is the long overdue fitted mesh update as well as bento face and hand rigging. You can now adjust the shape of your ass, belly, legs and feet, to make your shape more juicy. You can also adjust some of the face sliders but not all of them work (not all bento features are supported due to the way the game treats custom joint positions)

– Whats else is New in 1.14 –

In general this was a huge update, avatar 2.0 now partially supports fitted mesh (the whole lower body bellow the waist) as well as bento rigging for the face and hands.
Huge improvements to render weight from 32K to just 4.8K (the render weight randomly fluctuates between higher and lower numbers because the whole render weight system is garbage) as well as script optimizations.
There are now 2 versions of the body, A and B. Version A is the normal version witch is 4.8k render weight, and the experimental version B with 2k render weight witch will not work for people running the game on ghetto graphics settings.
A bunch of new features implemented such as normal/specular map support, head customization options and other neat things.

Rez or wear your Avatar 2.0 update cards to get it.

All the existing clothing have been updated to work with this new version, rez your update cards.


The old versions of following items did not come with all the textures, scripting and update cards, there for they are not eligible for a free update.


Next stop on the to do list is updating the avatar 2.0 appliers to make use of the new texture layers and specular/normal maps, as well as new dummies for content creators.

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24 Responses to – Avatar 2.0 v1.14 is out! –

  1. Gear says:

    Hail hail. Praise praise.

  2. intelliraptor says:

    nice [eggplant]

  3. savage says:

    So I dunno if it’s just me, but whenever I either manually load a texture onto the body via build mode, whenever I toggle an alpha or chest size, the texture resets to the default one. Even loading the texture through UUID does not save it upon toggling chest size or alphas.

    • thanks for letting us know, we will fix it

    • Kourtnee says:

      I’m going to assume this is for Body B?

      Body B does not support adding skins through the build menu. It requires the skin UUIDs in the script. Alphas are working fine, but I can confirm switching breast sizes will switch back to the old skins for version 1.14.2. This is an oversight on my part and is easily fixed.

      • Savage says:

        So far what I’ve tested is:
        Body A: adding textures manually through build mode (my preferred method), works for normal maps and specular maps, but will reset the to the default skin whenever an alpha is toggled, breast size switched, or reset arrow clicked.

        Adding textures through the UUID on body A keeps the textures and appears to not run into any issues.

        Body B: adding textures either through UUID or manually (excluding normal and specular maps) will reset to the default skin whenever an alpha is toggled, breast size switched, or reset arrow clicked.

        I honestly prefer adding the textures manually as it’s easier for me, and for people who buy my mods.. as textures are no trans permissions so they can’t copy the UUID. And I do not want to use the applier kits.

      • Kourtnee says:

        I can’t fully reproduce your testing.

        Body A doesn’t have a problem with alphas, whether you add the texture through build-menu or UUID.

        If you add a texture through the build-menu, and change breast size, the texture is reset to one of the defaults; at this point the alphas don’t have any fault as the texture is already different (llSetLinkAlpha can’t change the texture uuid anyway). This is because the breast sizes each have a different skin for them; preventing boob shading on small and flat sizes. The script checks if there is a custom skin loaded, and will not change to a default if it’s true.

        So, I’ll amend my previous statement. Both, Body A and Body B, do not fully support adding custom skin textures through the build menu. Body B doesn’t support it at all.

        Body A is working as intended. Body B is missing the custom texture check, which will be fixed.

        I’d also like to note that this functionality hasn’t changed in Body A. Ever since Avatar 2.0 had different breast sizes, and a texture for each size, adding textures through the build-menu would most certainly break when switching sizes.

        If there are any further problems, please contact me on Second Life (Kourtnee Kupfer).

  4. Mizzy says:

    Any chance of making the upper body fitmesh as well?

  5. Ex says:

    Although I understand why the chest isn’t fitted, I was a little let down when the waist wasn’t fitted. Also unless my computer is being garbage, the fitted mesh parts don’t work with physics well if at all. It’s not a perfect update, but it’s still a good one, and I’m sure a lot of people will return to using this body more. I hope to see new products (third party or otherwise) for it soon, it’s great to see this project is still going.

    • wldd says:

      others do it so I cant understand why? seems like if it was going to be done now would have been the ideal time because stores that support 2.0 are already planning redoing stuff to fit the new ass!

  6. Rikku says:

    Okay, I just loaded up on a whole mess, yes I said ‘mess’, of items from your shop for this body. Holy Moly!! This update added so many things the least of which being the makeup layers that no one seems to be mentioning. THANK YOU! I have only found one odd item If you skin the head and body with the M3 hud and use the 6th skin it only has the small/flat skin so it looks odd on normal/big. The body hud has the correct skins so there is a work around. Just warning you before you start getting the hysterical IMs from new user. Otherwise, Cheers!

  7. foxxxy says:

    been wanting to ask this a while figure now 2.0 update is mostly out of the way maybe worth a shot.

    several mesh bodies I tested have their necks stop before the m3 series neck starts leaving an empty gap between the head and neck (including m3a2)

    seen people bridge that gap is lots of ways including moving the head down and being no necks,using chunky tinted prim, wearing a thick scarf and the most popular being using alpha layers to unhide the system avatar neck and then try match a system skin of similar tone to the m3head / whatever body.

    tldr any chance of an official neck extender for the M3 series of head (or at least stand alone venus/m3 anime) so they can be used with other body types?


  8. my update card doesn’t seem to do anything

  9. Gotta Q! I have the tank top and the open shorts from way back, without an update card in the folder. Do I need to just buy the update, since they say black?

  10. Aline Bikrox says:

    Hello, I just have one question I really like avatar 2.0 is low and realistic but I can’t use physics on it, and I want to know why not? Is maye something don’t interest other persons but is the little fun thing for girls I find in bodys , normal sl body does.

    • Theres no physics because all the boob sizes were created before LL implemented physics for rigged mesh avatars, and everything ever made for avatar 2.0 uses old pre physics rigging, i would need to re-rig everything i ever made and its a colossal undertaking that i have no interest in doing since avatar physics often break ad boobs start freaking out or end up froze in some awkward position. and the ass isnt rigged for physics because due to the retarded way LL implemented it, i had to choose between either having ass jiggle physics or the ass not deflating and collapsing on itself when avatar is sitting.

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