– Avatar 2.0 1.14 Dummies and textures –

Alright, i threw together a bunch of developer resources for the new av2 v1.14 for you to play with.

Current 1.14.x mesh dummies (fitmesh/bento) http://www.mediafire.com/file/92mggr71jwurn28/av2+1.14.x+dummies.zip
Note: These are the full detail models, not poly count reduced versions of the original.

av2 1.14.x skins.zip – New skins for avatar 2.0 v1.14
1.14 texture resources.zip – New UV maps and textures for the Avatar 2.0 v1.14 head


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5 Responses to – Avatar 2.0 1.14 Dummies and textures –

  1. wuffboy says:

    any chance you will include the specular you used on the body? I have some feet that I’m interested in matching materials on, and I havent managed to find the specular map in the dev kit or the texture resource pack.

  2. Jon Morden says:

    Hey, Uti. Big fan of yours here. I love what you’re doing with Av2 and releasing full-poly rigged dummies for it. That will make clothing a lot easier to design and rig faithfully. Would it be too big a favor to ask, if you could release a full-poly dummy for the LITE body at some point? That will make the clothing market for RIKUGOU explode, partly because of me rigging new shit. :3

  3. loraan says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for releasing this model in full detail. Maybe that’s necessary for fitted mesh, but it’s definitely going to help me improve a couple of my items that really need to be much tighter to the body. I just did a quick sketch of something, and I’m able to get it fitting very nicely indeed.

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