– Avatar 2.0 1.14 appliers and bug fixes –

The Avatar 2.0 texture appliers have been update to make use of the new features of the latest version of Avatar 2.0, as well as a complete overhaul on how custom textures are added and tested, no more creator/costumer modes, UUIDs are now laoded from a notecard that is deleted when loading is finished.

If you do not have the appliers yet, you can grab them here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Avatar-20-Texture-Applier/6479722

We also fixed a bunch of bugs with 1.14, you will need to update your avatar to the latest version for the new appliers to work correctly.

Fixed a Bug with the head’s hairbase not accepting applier textures.
Fixed a bug with the custom texture add dialog window in the head hud.

Fixed a bug with the head not accepting appliers.
Fixed a bug with body B not remembering custom skin textures when unhiding body parts.
Fixed an issue with both bodies not remembering custom textures for breast sizes.


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4 Responses to – Avatar 2.0 1.14 appliers and bug fixes –

  1. loraan says:

    Thanks for the refresh of the avatar and for making these updates. The reduction in render weight alone is great!

    I’m seeing two issues with the head as of 1.14.4. The first is, with the default shape included, the LL eyes bug out past the face a bit. I’ve tried adjusting the shape a little but can’t get them inside the head without giving the head a dreadful overbite. Second, there’s a pretty strong seam between the head and the neck… not just texture differences, but the rigging seems not to match. Poses where the avatar is looking down or to the left or right make a definite break between the two meshes… the head under the chin is separated from the neck by a good centimeter or so.

    • update your avatar and use one of the 2 included shapes or adjust eye depth, size and spacing in appearance editor, and yes the seam cannot be helped because the head is bento and the upper part of the body isnt

      • loraan says:

        Thanks for the information on the seam. Concerning the eyes, the problem I’m having is with the current version of the head (just reused my update card to verify) and with either of the included shapes. The eye depth and eye spacing sliders seem to have no effect (even on the LL eyes themselves, which I’m not understanding… I can understand them not effecting the mesh, but I’m puzzled the old system eyes aren’t even moving. I know jack about how Bento rigging really works on the face.

        By the way, is this the best way to send you feedback like this, or would you prefer I drop you a notecard in world or something?

      • We fixed the bug, try now, also SL is best way for that because i rarely check these mesages

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